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    I have nothing to bitch about today, and that's something to bitch about. Isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by W0LB0T View Post
    -BullShxt is a shithouse name for this thread. Stop being a pussy and use some real profanities.
    I made a thread once with SHIT as the title and all the letters got modded, so I figured I would have to fix it in this one too.

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    I almost stepped in dog shit. Stupid dogs.

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    Essays and other projects.

    I've got to finish three by this Friday, including one with 4000 words <.<

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    I hate it when mods delete or edit my posts either due to profanity or just because some noob was too stupid to search through the forums to get their answer about "when are we getting this" kind of stuff... >_>X

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    Default SEGAC

    Am I the only one who really hates this word? Seriously. It just seems so childish and well...stupid. And why is there a C again? Does it have something to do with C being the lowest ranked missions and items or something like that? I don't think it's funny and the person who made it up and all the people who actually find it funny should all die in a hole.
    The word "SEGAC" irritates me just as much as when people on the internet say "Fail" or "Epic fail" it's just so stupid.
    end rant
    Have a nice day!

    CrimsonWolf, Talonkitsune, I'm allowed to rant about this, right?

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    Segac as i am aware is a joke on the Kubara weapons. in the game PSU.

    Example there is an item called Pegi.
    Kubara, a bootlegger company for the PSU series, has the same item called PegiC. Which is a ripoff of the original Pegi.

    A Ripoff, and worse of a product.

    So in that sense:
    Sega = sega japan
    SegaC = Sega USA/EA i guess.

    or so i am told/

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    Pretty much Sayara. .
    But it doesn't have to get into detail on what it means. It's obvious.
    I love SEGA, but I'm starting to think they don't care for us anymore, IF they ever did.
    Oh well, I'll keep playing and paying as long as they let me, I enjoy the game no matter how many, or how less updates we get compared to JP. It's just a game, a fun one at that.

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    @ TC: No, you're not. the point where I'm more tired of seeing topics complaining about "SEGAC" than I am about seeing the word.

    Look around the official forums sometime. You'll have plenty of company.

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    It's not important.

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