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    I did Seat of the Heart earlier, and I didn't get the Rago Ring. I followed the instructions here to the letter, yet I was only awarded meseta.. There are a few points where I don't doubt I could have messed up, though, so I'd like some answers..

    After I returned from activating the computer near the end of CCA, Kireek or Sue asked me a question. It wasn't listed on the page, so I chose the first option. Was I supposed to choose the second?

    In the tower, I only shot the correct computers. Did I need to him them all and battle Epsilon? When I shot one of the correct ones, I ran past the Gibbles instead of battling it. Did I need to kill it?

    After getting up at the beach, I found the teleport and talked to Sue and Kireek before finding Elly. Was I supposed to see Elly first? Was I supposed to go through the telepipe she made instead of going through the extended ending?

    If I can correct the mistake(s) I made this time, could I replay Seat of the Heart to get the Ragol Ring or would i have to do on Very Hard?

    If it matters, I did on PSO+ on Hard, since I got the Soul Eater instead on Normal.
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