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    I have a gibarta 15 and a rafoie 15.

    Look everyone! It's stuff that hasn't been duped to hell by everyone on and off this board.

    Let's see how long it takes after I trade these away to see every level 40 force with rafoie 15! My bet is a week I'll see it back on the board, by 5+ people that claimed they found it on their own.

    Granted, these two spells are not SUPER rare, but they are pretty damn rare ok. I've played 250 hours now and I finally found them.

    Anyways, I want a state/maintainance or flowen frame with slots.

    I have all those super rares that everyone else and their mom has, so don't bother asking. And if I don't, I don't want to trade these away for them, because I bet in about two weeks from now, that 0/30/35/10% twin brand, and along with every other semi-hot item today, will be more common than sol atomizers.

    And even if you offer an egg/blaster or some other super super rare, I think I'll decline and wait until everyone on this board has a duped one and the value of it is about 10 meseta.

    Well, reply if you have one of the two things I would like.

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    So bitter, so very bitter. It's just a game man. Enjoy it for what it is, not who plays it.

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    Kerek: This game was based around leveling up, finding rare items, and having fun with friends.

    Dupers and cheaters took TWO of those factors away from the game. If you think this game wasn't based around leveling up and finding rare items, then Sonic Team wouldn't have made some rare items very hard to find and they wouldn't have levels in this game. In essence, this game would have been a dumbed down version of Quake.

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