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    Angry GC memory card corrupt......again

    My GC memory card corrupted again. I had the Orotiagito a Viridia Card and countless other things. This is the fourth time this has happened.

    Anyone out there have a recommendation for a strictly PSO memory card that won't randomly kill my file? Greatly appreciated.

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    All I can say is use official ones. Unfortunately this has happened to me on a few occasions. My condolences for your bad luck
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    I believe there is a way to duplicate your save file, but unfortunatly GC alows multiple players and the trick could be used to mass dupe all your items, being so it's cheating and i can't say much.

    Try and check if it was the memory card that corrupted or only the char guild card.

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    If you're using an official 1019 with a Wii, stop. Either start using it on a GC or use a 251 or 59. The Wii will corrupt 1019s for some reason; mine did.

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    Any sort of guide to tell what sort of memory card you have? Also, how do you copy a save file. I want to make a backup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragrappy99 View Post
    Any sort of guide to tell what sort of memory card you have? Also, how do you copy a save file. I want to make a backup!
    If you where playing on a dreamcast, saying wouldn't harm since you can't transfer items from one char the another (and even if you did, considering the tight bank space in pso ver.2 duping would be worthless and bank space conssuming)
    On GC you can use 1 memory card on one controler and another memory card containing the double save on the 2nd controler, this would be encouraging ppl to mass dupe all the items so i doubt ppl can say how it's done.

    Go to the private server forum > ask around in the proper section if someone has a guide do duplicate the save file.
    All i know is that it's possible.

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    Heh, I have no intention of duping anything. I felt bad transfering a Delsabers Buster over to my lv 43, so duping loads of kewl stuff would completely ruin the game for me. And I don't really have anything worth duping anyway. My highest lv char is only 94 D:

    But yeah, if anyone knows how to make a backup.. PM me?
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    Thank you for the responses, my first game restart I had a Madcatz memcard, so that stopped. Then I started using a Nintendo brand one, it's kinda off white color. That one killed my game twice, so I started using my black Nintendo brand card. And it crashed today. Oh and I use a Gamecube too.

    Fortunately I prepared for this (because there was no way I was losing all my items again)
    I made a PSO file on a small memory card and labeled the characters Alpha beta gamma delta, nothing specific. And every new item I got I backed it up on the according character. I didn't like the idea at first, because I hate resorting to such things, but I guess it worked out.

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    Like stated before: Unofficial memory cards have a higher chance of corrupting before an official one.

    I've corrupted three times now, so I can share your pain. There is also such a thing as a USB memory card, I forgot who produces it but you can back your files up on your computer in code.

    After my last corruption I resorted to having my characters restored. I never liked the idea because I thought it was illegitimate, but after over 3000 hours of game play on a single character I wasn't about to restart again. In PSO you have the power to manipulate your saved data in so many ways. As long as you don't abuse that power and give yourself stuff that you didn't have is called restorative, and by that it means restoring your characters, equips (That you actually had), spells, and other things that would fall into the category.

    Of course to do this you need to be online to have a friend restore you, or an AR.

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    I'm interested in this USB memory card, Lvl 140 is hard to get back to, and I don't like the idea of going through this a fifth time. The Gamecube doesn't have a USB slot, I don't understand how that works, is it a converter type thing that goes in a MC slot?

    I'm glad I can relate this problem to people, but I wish this problem wouldn't happen...

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