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    Default Ila > Rati problem

    The stats on the lv. 99 Ila right now is 5/26/68/0. When I transferred it to my male Skyly HUmar for the last feed to 100 and got it there, it won't evolve. Does it have to do with my Ila's current stats? Is there any workaround to get it to evolve to Rati?

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    SKYLY, PINKAL, YELLOWBOZE.....................DEF + POW = DEX + MIND

    It doesn't look like your Mag fills these requirements. You're going to have feed it so POW is 70 and DEX is 75, with the last feeding done by your Skyly. Yes, another 50 levels. =/

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    Thank you. =) I misunderstood how the equation works out so I didn't give it much thought. I understand now with the numbers given.

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    I think you'll find that having that much Dex on a mag isn't worth it, especially considering that for every one ATA your mag gives you, you can get 4 ATP instead. I would say to remake your mag as close to 5/45/50/0 as possible, and then only give it power after that. A mag with a lot of ATA might be useful for some of the frustrating Hunter lvls where it feels like they can't hit anything, but you'll want to power in the long run I think. You also get more value out of your mag if you give it power and wear God/Arms vs. giving it dex and wearing God/Power. Since you're a skyly, you can get God/Arms from V.Hard Hildeblues.
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