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    Default PS Zero's Strategy Guide! IN ENGLISH!

    Hey guys!

    Was noodling around Gamestop's web site, and found this:

    Apparently Sega's going to release a Guide!

    In English, even!

    Anyone know if that might be just a translated version of what Jp got, or...?

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    I bought one way back when PSO launched, I will be getting this guide too, mostly just for mag and weapon info if its anything like the other

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    im not really sure but i know im hoping to get it

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    Gonna have to thumb through it first to see if it has useful information like drops. Not too sure on this one myself, but probably won't buy it.

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    I'll definitely get the strategy guide for this game, for the collection and as Quintus said:

    Quote Originally Posted by Quintus_The_Force
    mostly just for mag and weapon info
    Not like you need a walkthrough to beat this game. :P

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    Yea, all you need to know to get by PSZ is to level up and shoot/slash/chop/burn/freeze/electrocute/etc. enemies until they die from it. Basically

    1)Go through plot scene
    2)Level up a bit
    3)Go through story mission
    4)Beat boss

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    As long as it's more useful than the first PS0 guide that came out in Japanese. The second one was better but the first one was a bust.

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    weapon and enemy guides alone would be priceless

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    Sorry for the thread necro'ing...

    Just rechecked the Gamestop site, and found they've updated the Guide's info:
    [Copypasta straight from their site]

    Three races and three walkthrough paths. We cover each one!

    Want to discover how to get everyone to fall in love with you? We detail each conversation and detail which answers provide affection benefits!

    Boss Strategies - These aren’t the normal monsters. The bosses in PS0 are ruthless and we provide
    the best strategies to bring them down!

    Each class and race combination is broken down into their strengths and weaknesses giving you the most information on each type!

    Weapon & Armor Tables! Exhaustive stats on each weapon and armor piece give you everything you need to make that next decision!

    Much More! Mag Listing, Photon Art Breakdown, Character Creation Tutorial,
    Environment Breakdown, Leveling & Experience Chart, Title & Reward List

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