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Thread: HD pictures

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    Thumbs up HD pictures

    I am capable of taking 1280x720 pictures on the Xbox 360.

    So I'm offering to take pictures for those incapable of doing so themselves.

    But I have some conditions.

    Be nice to me! I'm afraid of you.
    I will not speak through the mic under any circumstances.
    Have no expectations of me. I haven't done stuff like this before, so my skill at taking pictures is very low.

    I can do video, but I'm not well-equipped for it.

    Anyway, here's a preview pic.

    If you're interested, contact me here or on Xbox Live.
    My gamertag is also Mracless.

    If you want, I can take pictures at 1920x1080 as well.

    However, my capture card only supports 1080i, so interlacing is often noticable.

    Also, 1080i through HDMI will not work for some reason, so I have to use to component cables, which will have a significant impact on the quality.

    Here's a preview:

    Here's a picture which shows some obvious interlacing:

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    Ah, that would be nice. With what I have I can only get fairly bad images - some HD ones would be great if you're willing. ^^

    GT: Misaki Ki , anytime tomorrow would be fine for me. *Is in -6*

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    I'd like to know what kind of capture card you are using, if you don't mind telling me. That's some pretty good quality there.
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    I am using a Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro capture card.

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    Very nice pics!
    I'd love to get some pics of my characters
    Add my GT: x SHIRO x and will set something up

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    Very nice pics, I'd like it if you could take a pic of me and my girlfriend sometime if that's ok. My gamertag is SavageCross. Thanks!

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    Wow, looks better than some PC's!
    Great pics!

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    I may have to go buy that thing today.... tempting. Is there much lag between pressing a button and seeing the video updated?

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    Those pictures look really great, pretty high quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yusaku_Kudou View Post
    I may have to go buy that thing today.... tempting. Is there much lag between pressing a button and seeing the video updated?
    There is no lag for me, but you may need a pretty beefy computer.

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