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    Those posters are a must!!

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    The Japanese version of this game is a must, and not only for this collaboration lol

    I don't expect them to be high definition when you look close enough, PSU posters look good from a safe distance, then they are very pixelated looking in first person view...

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    14? and 12?

    Thats....impossible. Also, should be illegal.

    Those dates have to be incorrect. Those girls have to be at LEAST 16-17.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RemiusTA View Post
    14? and 12?

    Thats....impossible. Also, should be illegal.

    Those dates have to be incorrect. Those girls have to be at LEAST 16-17.
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    Illegal? Japan has magazines with 10 years old girls showing panties perfectly legal selling on shops. 13-15 are the top years in the career of a Japanese Idol lol

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    wow im 13........this is weird

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    Weeaboos don't know that Japan is pretty much the modern-day holy land of pedophilia. (Also a good bit of misogyny, but it hardly takes the cake there.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    And yet here it is. And you can probably look forward to seeing Emelia and Lumia, if not all the female characters, in a swimsuit as well. Maybe even Crouch as well. Heck, maybe even Natsume Shuu! Or maybe not.

    Crouch: Yes Plz


    Here comes the PS0 Killer feature.. Hard MODE! Yes Chapter 1: Level 53-73..

    If you complete Normal mode, you unlock Hard Mode. In addition you can play all the story mode chapters you completed over and over again to your hearts content. I

    Also shops sell different things as you advance story mode. You can also purchase lots of new clothes and items by completing the chapters.

    You can unlock bonus material too. This is a movie theater where you can watch cutscenes you've seen.

    Are you an expert in everything there is to know about Fanta?

    Well try out the Fanta Quiz Battle, a mission where 1 to 4 players compete in answering questions related to Fanta.

    If you answer questions incorrectly you'll experience a "punishment" where it appears these traps shoot foie at you.

    Sorry. Kiki was not one of the original Fantanas, enjoy your foie!

    Answering correctly allows you to experience a "Athletic Challenge" where players must pass through a series of traps and gimmicks to reach the goal where you can win several Fanta prizes listed in the OP.

    If you don't make it through you can still get parting gifts as well.

    Sega plans to release other missions like this as well as brand new collaboration items not stored on the original UMD.

    You can download these missions at the official site or it can be downloaded automatically at Internet Multimode.


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    so pretty much 4 days left for internet multi mode eh....gonna start playing hell of a alot for the coming days. i want to try out this fanta challenge thingy

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    Gross + creepy = greepy. Dragon Sakai is trolling importers hard with this one.

    How long before 'banned in Australia'?

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