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    Default PSP2 soundtrack announced

    Technically it was announced a few weeks ago, but I kind of forgot to post about it here. (Actually, a few things have changed since the initial announcement, so this works out better anyway.)

    Title: Phantasy Star Portable 2 OST: Wings of Universe
    CD info: 2 discs (approximately 40 new tracks)
    Catalog number: GNCA-7151 (Geneon)
    Release date: January 13, 2010
    Price: 3,150 yen

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    At least it will be cheaper than the PSŲ one...

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    40 new tracks is very nice... looking forward to it

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    I have a link to its vgmDB entry for those of you who want to monitor its info as it comes out:

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    There's the cover art for the soundtrack. Emilia sitting on a cushion, listening to her CD player, drinking coffee.

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    the game have a lot of remix PSO/PSU tracks, I always hear em during missions.

    Not so many new little wings theme. around 10.

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    Dont know if its posted.

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    Dunno who all is interested in the OST but Play-Asia has it up for preorder now. It's only $32 kinda suprising.

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    Link for the lazy

    Also probably worth noting that this will likely find its way to iTunes when it is released, like the other soundtracks. Whether or not it will be sold as a complete album, though, is anyone's guess. The Zero soundtrack still doesn't have this option, though some of the others do (which is a considerable savings over purchasing each song individually).

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    You refering to 負けないココロ(Makenai Kokoro) missing from it? I assume it's a licensing issue... Which makes me think it's why it didn't make it in the English game. It's not a song by sega from what I understand from the OST(I've got the disc version.)

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