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    Post Video Game Deals Roundup - HUGE Year-End Game Sale, AC2, MW2, L4D2, Batman: AA

    As seen on the front page:

    For the time being, this thread will serve as a repository for any video game deals we post on the site. Be sure to check back often as it will be updated whenever deals expire or new ones are added (there are usually big updates each weekend). Here are your current, hand-picked video game deals:

    HUGE Year-End Sale at Gamefly!
    (through Janurary 4th, 2010)

    Gamefly is currently running their famous year-end sale, which includes a TON of titles for every system. As part of the sale, all games have free shipping. Gamefly's used titles come with the original case and manual (in mint condition) and the discs are typically in great shape. There are some really good buys in here, so check out this giant list:

    Xbox 360 Games:

    Wii Games:

    Playstation 3 Games:

    Nintendo DS Games:

    Playstation Portable Games:

    Playstation 2 Games:

    Other Deals Still Alive - As of 12/23/09

    Edit: List of expired and sold out deals was growing too large, too quickly, so I removed it

    Deals often sell out or expire quickly if they're very good, so don't wait around if there's something you want. We'll update the list if anything else turns up. Happy gaming!
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    Updated the list of deals, adding Hasbro Family Game Night (360) for $19.99 (a nice deal, as the included games are $10 each if you get them off the marketplace).

    The deals at ToysRUs and NewEgg have either sold out or expired, and the Guitar Hero 5 deal has also ended. All the rest are still available as of the time of this post.

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    Added the following deals today (Sunday):

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    Ooh, I might pick up Dead Space!
    I was watching my friend play that for a while, and it looked pretty good.
    He even let me go on his PSN account and download a suit that was free on the PSN when the game came out.

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    Dead Space is a very cool and innovative game, though it can be a bit scary if you're sitting home alone at night playing it. The first time I played it, I was doing just that, and it was fairly creepy

    Mirror's Edge is also a very fun and unique gaming experience. I own all four of the most recently added titles, and I think those two are by far the best (and probably the two that every gamer should at least try once).

    Army of Two is fun if you have somebody to play co-op with, but the single player isn't that bad either. Games like Borderlands and Left 4 Dead have definitely set new standards for co-op play, so I wouldn't put it at the very top of my co-op must-haves list or anything. There's a sequel coming out in 2010.

    I have mixed feelings on Lord of the Rings: Conquest. If you played any of the previous Lord of the Ring games published by EA, you may be somewhat disappointed with the combat system. I'm not a huge fan of the Battlefront franchise either, and this uses the same basic framework. However, they made pretty decent use of the licensing and the ability to play through both good and evil campaigns was a fun addition.

    Deal Update: Three of the deals offered by Microsoft have expired and returned to their retail prices (Batman, Beatles Rock Band, Band Hero). Bakugan was still $29.99 the last time I checked. Updated the original post accordingly.
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    Mirror's Edge also seems to be be on sale for 360 through Amazon. Great game, certainly my favorite on the list.

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    Damn! These are some good deals, and I can't believe I missed them. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by BomberStrife View Post
    Damn! These are some good deals, and I can't believe I missed them. :/
    Here's a new one for you, along with everyone else still craving a good Phantasy Star deal:

    Get Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (or another eligible game) for 50% off ( $9.98 ) with the purchase of any Xbox 360 game at Amazon.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with this game, it's loaded with over 40 Genesis classics like Phantasy Star II, III, and IV. In addition, you'll find multiple Sonic & Shining Force games, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and more. This offer runs through December 12th.

    To further sweeten the deal, combine it with one of the Xbox 360 titles that are already on sale, such as Hasbro Family Game Night or Mirror's Edge (thanks Somnia) Any Xbox 360 game will do (including pre-orders), as long as it isn't on the list of eligible family games. The discount will show up at the checkout.

    If I didn't already own them both, I would be all over Hasbro Family Game Night + Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. That's a ton of classic gaming fun for under 30 bucks!
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    I picked up Mirror Edge on Steam for 5 bucks I think it was Cyber monday? when I got home from work. Also got Monkey Island for 5 bucks. :3

    "Brotherhood asked for no friendship, only loyalty. They stood back to back as the galaxy burned - always brothers, never friends; traitors together unto the last."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC9breaker View Post
    I picked up Mirror Edge on Steam for 5 bucks I think it was Cyber monday? when I got home from work. Also got Monkey Island for 5 bucks. :3
    Definitely a great deal at 5 bucks. It's back up to $19.99 on Steam now. Amazon has Mirror's Edge (PC) for $7.35, which is still pretty good for anyone looking to get that version. Downside is that you have to get above $25 for free shipping, as it is an actual disk/case and not a downloadable like on Steam.

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