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    Default What Deck Strategies Have You Found to be the Best/Most Consistent?

    After trying many different deck strategies I have found that, so far, the Red Slime deck is the best/most consistent.

    (I am referring to Offline Mode)

    Not only does this deck PWN, it does it ever time. The only thing that may be a problem is in the begining waiting for a slime but the chances of that are very low.

    Stamina lets your slimes move anywhere on the fiels at no cost and only costs 1 action point.

    Virus only costs 3 action points, does 4 damage to anything with a cost of 3 or lower, skips right past your slimes and doesn't take up your slimes' actions.

    Divinity Bariers will piss you off though...

    Throw in a few counter/TP defence/A Beast Guard cards, some good action cards, cave winds and you are set. I usually use Hayze and neslte him in the corner of the slimes. (you can't really do this if it is a wide map with 4 people though)

    What strategies have you found "Godly"?
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    Red slimes are definitely godlike offline.
    Silfer with the 5 coster Savitri mag and 1 pointer weapons is another really good one.
    Decks that involve St. Rappies too.
    Also, a really simple but effective one is Silfer/Saligun with mainly kaladbolgs and SJ swords for their abilities.

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    Delsaber shield/sword combo is pretty nasty over a long fight... used that alot with some snipe cards to get +ap consistantly... normally change a guard for an inversion or two if i know im facing a force deck (gotta love being healed 8hp on a shield with 1hp left tbh. Normal combo cards really, round slay heavy slash and stuff
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    Loading tunnels have gone from 10-15 seconds down to 2-3 seconds and the normal lobby stuttering mess is buttery smooth currently.
    This must be some kind of glitch, I refuse to believe Sega have finally fixed this game's horrible performance problems.

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    Recon/Recobox and lots of Mine Brightness, March of the Meek, etc. is still one of the best (and lamest) strategy in 2 vs 2 team-games

    i'm loving it when 5 or more Recons (which many consider as a weak monster) are on the field and all of them do 10 or more HP of damage to everything in a circle arround them xD

    (could only be worse if they had rampage)
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    personally, i still love the moving ob-lilly spam deck i made.. few +ap assist cards makes it just funny (ob lilly killing 6+hp items without action cards in one hit and chasing you around )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Falcon View Post
    Loading tunnels have gone from 10-15 seconds down to 2-3 seconds and the normal lobby stuttering mess is buttery smooth currently.
    This must be some kind of glitch, I refuse to believe Sega have finally fixed this game's horrible performance problems.

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    These were mostly online decks, offline is a completely different and dumb downed story.

    Saligun or Silfer all around HU

    Sealed J, Kaladbolg, Diska Braveman build was a good solid deck. Punch, Cross Slays, Slash, Stabs, maybe a Split Boost and/or Beat. Staple defense cards. Charity doesn't hurt. If silfer throw in a megid and grants if you have it, if Saligun Fly is really useful versus ARKZ. Shuffle All/Group, Trash 1 and cards of that sort were good online VS real people but AI is dumb offline so I wouldn't use it offline.

    Orland high cost

    Delsaber Shield & Buster, Zanba, Victor Axe, Bequeath, Half Defense, Punch Guard other staple defense especially Aegis Guard, Cancel, Sword Guard. Lock on 3 helps for not losing your Buster to Companion, Counter or Counter+. Legacy & Lavis Cannon or something big is ideal. Charity, Ransom and shuffle cards blah blah blah... Grants, Megid, Punch, Pentrate and Virus all help.

    Hyze machine spam

    Reco Boxes, Recons, Sinow Beats, Mine Brightness, March of the Meek, Punishment, Machine Guards, Gathers, Charity, Staples blah blah you get the picture. Really good team deck.

    Creinu Legacy

    Red Slimes, Sinow Blues, Sinow Beats, Legacy... you see where I'm going with this.

    Kranz beat down

    Yas 3k, Wals-MK2, Meteor Smash+, Justy 23ST, Fly, Gun Attack, FL Attack, Beat maybe Unit Blows. Punch, Penetrate, Virus. Gun Guard, Half Defense and other staple def. Charity, Shuffles blah blah...

    Guykild anti Dolor Odor ARK spam

    Rukmin, Divinity Barrier, Shifta Merge, Dice Fever maybe Dice Fever+, Charity, Earthquake, Fly, Virus, Tornado, Penetrate Guard, Penetrate Return, Counter+, Soild, Dodge, other staple def. Fix, Ransom... Whole point was to get MAG on and protect it with shield. Get Dice Fever out with Charity and just stalling until you had a like +5 or more dice bonus. Setting Fly on yourself then launching Earthquakes. Setting Ransom on the opponent would help reduce their DEF dice so they cant roll 3 or 4 to Counter you.

    Like I said these were good online decks I felt safe with. I may have missed mentioning a few cards since it's been a long while since the servers were up. Some of these cards were really broken and had to be fixed in card revos but they still were good online making them even better offline. I had some really good unique skilled decks(Silfer Red Ring Deck, Silfer/Sali Low DEF Deck, Reiz Pierce Deck, Kylria Freeze Kill Deck, Kylria Return Home Deck and who can forget the cheap ass Vivi Rukmin Grants Deck.) but thats going off topic...

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    Default Ultimate Deck

    Most of the decks mentioned above are pretty decent, but any good team with a balanced deck would hold their own against them. I admit though, that slime deck (pre-patch) was nearly impossible to do anything against, I don't care how good you were. when you're able to set a four cost card down AND move it for free...I don't need to say anything else about that. Speaking of "godly" decks, I definitely have an interesting, untold story to tell about a deck I made that was so powerful and nearly fail proof in any given situation. It was called the "Ultimate Deck". I remember being really tired of people using those spam decks already, then one night I did a tournament against 2 Japan players who were not only very good, but they used a machine spam deck against me. Needless to say I got smoked that match. After that, I had enough. I then devoted myself to finding a way to effectively deal with spam decks, yet still be able to hold my own against regular decks. After weeks and weeks of brainstorming, testing, and fine-tuning. A deck that was supposed to counter spam evolved into something that countered...everything. Now to my knowledge, there are only two or three people who know the exact cards used in this deck. Though, after I finalized it, I seen people try and mimic it, but didn't quite get it, because every single card you have in your deck counts, and must be in perfect sync with your partner in order for it to really work as intended. You need resistance to protect yourself, skip set to prevent your opponent from equipping anything, slow time to keep it on for the entire match, assistless to prevent your opponent from erasing anything you setup, anti just in case you get hit with any status aliments while slow time is active. That one red sword that costs 4 and has exactly 7 HP. Using that weapon lets you use both virus and tempest. There’s more to it, but trust me when I say this, when setup correctly, there’s really nothing anyone can do to stop it.
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    Yes spam decks were so annoying & I hated going into tourneys playing against people who used them. Luckily I took some time off & tried to develop counter-decks. I was semi-successful. :P

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    Hmm let's see...When I was online I had two decks I did well with.

    Memoru tech deck. 2 canunes, lots of techs. Only 4 cost and pretty solid aerial card. Using Gibarta or Rabarta against a high cost enemy gave a good chance of freezing it so the opponent runs out of options.

    And of course the typical team EXP deck. Break or Memoru - evil sharks, rappies, epsilon, egg rappy, hildeblue, charity, decline, tornado, and tons of attack action cards. Partner that with an average Vivianne deck and you're golden. The biggest flaw in this deck is in the beginning. It truly shines as the match progresses, but you're in for a rocky start.

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    One of my favourite decks involves Silfer with Shifta Merge, Daggers, Mags, Handguns and then spam those Musculars! Hits like a beast. Just make sure to bring some punch guards.

    Grow Guard with Sange Yasha then a 3 Star Wep works nice which I use with my Teifu.

    Guykild with Handguns, Delsaber Swords + Shield then Victor Axe.

    Rio spamming low cost monsters is awesome then use them with Attack = 6/Madness etc. Quite funny to see how hard she hits later on.

    K.C EXP deck with St.Rappy, Hildeblues.

    Break Tech decks involving Al Rappy's, Arlans and Sorcerer's.

    Just a few of my favourites I use.
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