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    Default PS:P2 Screenshot/Movie Thread

    Let's get some PSP2 shots going!

    First, a picture of my character and her PM

    How can you not love this battery powered PM?

    Next, is a dump of a some item dictionary shots.

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    Do want. : D~
    Also, the 心乃臓 art really doesn't do justice to its pulsing hearts!

    e: Morning Glory description mentions a higher critical hit ratio. Hidden LCK bonus mayhaps? ;o
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    Wow, you've found all that stuff already? O.o
    I'm only on Chapter 2 but only because I keep restarting. I can't couldn't choose which Race I wanted. They all look so cool. I ended up choosing a Human/Hunter/F. She looks so awesome. I'll have pics up soon.

    Oh and how do you redecorate your room? I can't seem to figure it out.

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    If you played PSU, you should know the procedures

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    Here's a few screenies

    My Character, Chimeria

    I don't know how to put a spoiler tag on pics so, sorry in advance

    Dropped from Evil Shark. Evil Shark Dagger?

    Kasumi Bracer?

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    Mike where you find the creadouble???

    My Biker Ranger

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    Thats a Double Saber Repca and a Twin Brand Repca.

    ...half of me wants to get the CFW, DL the ISO and then take screens, but the other half of me can't be bothered to do any of that. _;
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    The twin brand where I can find that???

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    You can get the Double Saber Repca from a title reward or the Jelis enemies in the Reol Badia C-rank mission. The Twin Brand Repca dropped from a Vanda in a B-rank "Burning Silver" mission. It also comes from a title reward.

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    Nothin much here, since I've barely started.

    My character, Kichi

    And CAP'N KICHI.

    More will come later.

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