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    Default What do you LIKE about this game?

    I'm debating on whether I should get it or not. What do you like about the game? Also, any major flaws?

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    I like the wifi. Probably the best one out of all the games I have. Which is like... 4 LOL

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    For one, it's a Phantasy Star System. An extension of the one in PSO. And it has all the online wi-fi options. The only bad part about the wi-fi online options is the friend code system. You can play with Randoms as well as friends, though your communications are limited and you don't have abilities to trade. With friends, trades and visual chat is open to use.

    This is a nintendo-wide limitation, so I don't fault the game for it. Sega went and added every possible single-player and multiplayer option to this game. So one can see it's a struggle between the freedom Sega gives us and the limitations Nintendo puts on us.

    Still, that's what forums are for. And you can build a friends list quickly. Also, we have chat rooms and such for which people can meet and set up games and such.

    The system isn't perfect. And while everybody can get better stuff and get powerful enough to rule the game (end game), some classes will have it a little easier than others. But since nobody's endgame is weak, it works out.

    As for it's competition for a good traditional Fight and loot game, on the DS. There isn't any. It's the best on the system, easily. Particularly in multiplayer.

    Which makes it kind of easy, because if you have a PSP, they pretty much clinched that title over there. (Well, along with Monster Hunter, but that game has a lot of different rules than a traditional loot game, and is approached differently. I like to kind of put it in its own subgenre because what it does well, doesn't replace with Phantasy Star Portable does, and vice versa.)
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    Obviously the portability and the wifi are major selling points. it's got a lot of throw backs and fan service to PSO too. It's nowhere near as epic as PSO was since PSO had years to evolve. But it still manages to pack most of the things that made PSO a cult classic, grinding, searching for rare items and of course the 4 player online co-op. If you are a fan of PSO then it's a must have.

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    Just about everything
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    It works better than a soporific for me. No more taking hours to fall asleep!
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    More robots in Pokeyman.
    Robots that can only say their own names? Not bad huh?
    (might be selling the intelligence robots short though, even "HALT I AM REPTAR & THORG WANT EAT")

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    Well I like the gameplay of the game and the wi-fi.

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    you can do a barrel roll
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    Quote Originally Posted by l3iohazard View Post
    you can do a barrel roll

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    I like how this game feels a lot more like pso than psu but takes a lot of little improvements from it like PAs. I like the rolling and also how the control in general feels somewhat more smooth than pso. Its the little things that are being able to change direction in the middle of a combo.
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