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    Yup, it's a food.
    I'm assuming it helps get the SUV/Beast up fast, but I don't know, since I've never tried.

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    Default 297 Sweet Smells

    Quote Originally Posted by Deragonite View Post
    Actually Sweet Smells are my highest priority.
    I can currently offer 297 Sweet Smells. I will have more by March 8th.
    I have stacks of Base Ss, so I may have some S+10s by March 8th.

    My trade list:

    When you are ready, how much will each of the following items be worth to you?
    Sweet Smell
    50% 9/9 Ground Bil De Axe
    47% Fire SangeYasha

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    i want a needle plz i i trade my guld milla and 50% light senba or love inferno

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    why the sudden want in S+10's? Wanting to go out with a bang of exploding weapons?
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    To Zoamel:
    Take your pick! Especially if you have more Sweet Smells, you can pick/have whatever. I have no need for them. Just offer however many sweet smells you think is reasonable

    To LanCow:
    I'm sorry those won't help me TA in any way . But maybe if I don't trade them for Sweet Smells I'll trade one to you.

    To Orius:
    I actually probably don't need many S+10's. I was hoping to grind a Buti to TA MAG+ but that is probably unnecessary.
    Last edited by Deragonite; Jan 31, 2010 at 05:50 AM.

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    Dera, are you going to join the JP-side of things?
    Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

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    ok i will get sweet smells i really just want a regular needle to say i had one

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    still looking for sweet smells? or is the dream dead?

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    Oh rau =P hook up the a sexbot with a S/N lol how much are u asking in cash btw might even soften the blow with some sweet smells I'll try to get some more before u come back 3/8
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