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    Default B> Milla and/or Spread Needle/Spread Needle G

    So I'm desperate to get a hold of the Milla and a Spread Needle before the servers go down just to get a chance to use em, so take your pick of stuff or take all of it if you want I really don't care. I just want the damn guns. D:


    Promoto Pit 0/10
    Delpi 0/10
    Coni 0/10
    Dori 0/10
    Ranpegi 0/10
    Shato 5/8

    Creawand 0/10
    Magical Wand/P 4/9
    Creawand+ 0/9
    Promora 2/10
    Bajura 0/10
    Tesbra 2/5
    Uransara 0/10
    Magical Wand 4/10

    Stec Rod 4/10
    Chao Staff 5/7
    Promorod 2/10
    Okarod 3/10
    Dallgunrod 3/10
    Halarod 0/10
    Kazarodoc 2/10
    Halarodoc 2/9
    Gaozoran Rod 3/10
    Pumpkinhead 8/8
    Psycho Wand 5/7

    Stec Duke 27% Lightning 0/10
    Promoto Duke 35% Ice 0/10
    Elsral Neutral 0/10
    Frauduke 26% Ground 0/10
    Sonichi 27% Lightning 4/8
    Ebrozike 16% Lightning 0/10
    Graldikuc 26% Ice 0/10

    Machine Guns:
    Promoto Machinegun 0/10
    Deathrain 0/10
    Bulletdance 0/10
    Muzzlefever 0/10
    Yasminakov 0002 0/10
    Germinus Ganuc 3/8

    Kaza-Kikami 0/10
    Hoshi-Kikami 2/10

    Cubo Tuma 0/10
    Cubo Musrana 0/10

    Promoto Gun 2/10
    Storm 2/10
    Viper 2/10
    B'duki Boa 3/10
    B'duki Biso 0/10
    B'duki Magana 0/10

    Twin handguns:
    Twin Ruby Bullet 4/10
    Twin Varista 0/10
    Twin Tornado 0/10
    Hyper Viper 0/10
    Arb Boa 1/8
    Arb Biso 0/10
    Arb Magana 0/10

    Laser cannons:
    Promoto Cannon 3/10
    Ryusaikanoh 0/10
    Raihakanoh 0/10

    Grenade launchers:
    Gur Hanab 0/10
    Gur Asted 4/10
    Gur Bazga 2/8
    Promoto Grenade 2/10
    Azul Fire 0/10
    Koltova Gun 0/10
    Song for Death 3/10

    Plasma Bow 4/9
    Nasuyoteri 0/10
    Rikauteri 3/10
    Hirokteri 0/10
    Tengoh Bow 0/10
    Kohibumiteri 0/10

    Shigga Desta 4/8
    Van Brella 4/7
    Shigga Pakudac 3/9

    Mizurakihoh 0/10

    Vish Promoto 31% Fire 0/10
    Vish Diraga 24% Fire 0/10
    Vish Feara 24% Light 0/10
    Vish Adan 32% Dark 0/10
    Vish Kuseb 14% Ice 5/9
    Vish Kuseb 22% Fire 5/8
    Vish Tien 26% Dark 0/10
    Vish Tien 28% Light 0/10
    Vish 38% Ground 0/10
    Vish 26% Lightning 0/10
    Stec Whip 28% Light 0/10
    Vish Diragac 17% Dark 0/10
    Vish Fearac 18% Dark 0/10
    Vish Adac 14% Dark 0/10
    Vishic 42% Fire 0/10

    Falclaw Neutral 0/10
    Falclaw Neutral 0/10

    Storm Line 34% Light
    Serafi-Senba 12% light
    Rabol Bistat 14% Light
    Rabol Vijeri 21% Dark
    De Ragan Line 21% Fire
    Rabol Nico 14% Ice
    Feril Line 20% Light
    DB Line Neutral
    Rabol Orachio 14% Light
    Rabol UV 20% Lighting
    Rabol Plasma 20% Lighting

    Har / Quick
    Orpa / Power Charge
    Solid / Knight
    Cati / Skill PP Save
    Burn / Resist
    Poison / Resist
    Virus / Resist
    Shock / Resist
    Silence / Resist
    Confuse / Resist
    Legsless / Rainbow
    Electro Heart
    Black Heart
    Puyoment Aura
    Dark Wing
    Rappy Mode
    Heart of Dulk
    Aura Field
    Garment Aura

    Formalwear Blue/White
    Rappy Suit Yellow/White x2

    Photon x45
    El-Photon x11
    Ban-Photon x5
    Ray-photon x11
    Zon-photon x48
    Di-photon x3
    Gra-photon x25
    Megi-photon x1
    Petanite x1
    Catilium x1
    Hapotite x3
    White Glove x17
    Rappy Feather x5
    Serafi Feather x1
    Relic Edge x10
    Meteoric metal x6
    Go Vahra nail x2
    neptuline x12
    Nanopolymer x6
    Ortapolymer x2
    Omega Acid x9
    Griner Base S x17
    Copernia x10
    Goldania x9
    Titania x16
    Olpad x14
    Diad x4
    Lithnia x2
    Mot Walna x12
    Neu walna x12
    Par Walna x70
    Nei Soul x1

    Room Decorations:
    Snowman x2
    BT lovers
    WD Lovers
    Easter Egg
    Wreath x3
    Christmas Tree
    Moatoob Sotets
    Paper Lantern
    okiku Doll
    Walking Pannon
    Rappy Figure
    Parum Unity Souvinir
    Light Festival Decor x2
    Primitive Moat. Idol
    Glaring De Ragnus
    Baying De Ragnus
    BR Burning Poster
    De Ragan
    Mushroom Chair
    Sweet Chair
    Treasure Chest x2
    Sweet Table
    Sweet Chair
    Mysterious Grave
    Crystal Skull
    Neudaiz Shelving
    Cockpit Chair
    Neudaiz Light
    Za Buton
    A-Photon Reactor
    Lab Set
    Stateria Figure
    Welcome Arch
    Moatoob Collectible
    G. Colony Collectible
    BT Box
    WD Box
    Xmas Box x3
    Koltova Doll
    Kakwane Doll
    Rappy Gugg Figure
    Booma Figure
    Mysterious Meter
    Birthday Candelle

    Room Remodel Tickets:
    Factory Red
    Cream House
    Chocolate House
    Koltova Room
    Rappy Room

    Grinder S+8 x11
    Grinder S+9 x8

    Psycho Wand x3

    Fruit Juice x1
    Mixed Juice x5
    Koltova Juice x2
    Groovy Juice x3
    Chocolat x2
    Gourmet Chocolat x13
    Gourmet Cake x4
    Homemade Cake x5
    Kree Mpuff x1
    Shield Gum x2
    Tear of Light x5
    Koltova Sandwich x3
    koltova Noodles x5
    Ollaka Roll x3
    Grilled Hot Dog x6
    Spicia x3
    Rice Cake x2
    Peori Mate x9
    Sweet Smell x2
    Dogma Drop x1
    Blizzard Pop x2
    Steamed Milk x4
    Burning Spicia x3
    Bluefeeter x1

    and 20 mil meseta

    De Ragan Slayer 15% Fire 3/3
    De Ragan Slayer 23% Lightning 3/10
    Shigga Pakuda
    Song for Death
    Germinus Ganuc
    Uranusarac x2
    Another Black heart unit
    Paradi Cataract
    Vivienne Fluge
    Flowen's Sword+ 31% Dark 0/10
    Drill Knuckles 38% Light 5/7
    Drill Knuckles 28% Dark 5/7
    Crea Doubles 18% Fire 2/10
    Crea Doubles 24% Ice 4/10
    Carriguine-rucar 26% light 2/10
    Carriguine-rucar 16% Dark 3/8
    Ragan-ragac 12% Fire 2/10
    Stag Cutralli 24% Fire 3/10
    Twin DB Swords 24% Ice 7/10
    Dagger of Serafi 30% Fire 2/9
    Twin Kitty Claw 13% Ice 0/10
    Tiga Ragan 16% Ice 2/10
    Yasha 24% Ground 0/10
    Halp Serafi 24% Fire 2/10
    Falclaw Neutral 1/9
    Falclaw Neutral 3/10
    Rappy Suit Yellow/White

    VAN BRELLA 10/10

    Everything here can be yours for just two guns. Not the best stuff in the world but it's literally almost everything I own. I'll even settle for just the Milla.
    PSO2 - Ian: Level 90/90 Human Bouncer/Hunter

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    Shame i don't got one, i would do the swap for you right away.

    Good luck getting it.

    Celestial Manager~
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    Thanks, short of offering my soul, I dunno what else I can do to get these. Hope someone takes the offer.
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    I would but I just cant as I'm using my Milla :/

    Credit to MissMalice

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    Soooooooo..... how much is the Milla worth in terms of Meseta? I'll just sell this stuff in order to make the money for it if it's easier that way.
    PSO2 - Ian: Level 90/90 Human Bouncer/Hunter

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