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    Another amazing deal from Amazon - Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle for only $38.78:

    For Xbox 360 only. Not sure how long this will last, so get it while it's hot!
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    Here's a new one for you guys who haven't picked up Phantasy Star Zero yet. Gamefly has it used for $24.99. If you're an existing Gamefly subscriber (like me), you may be able to get another 5-10% off (depending on how long you've been a member). Here's the link:

    Phantasy Star Zero - Pre-Played - $24.99

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    Amazon has Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Wii/360/PS3) for pre-order with a $20 video game credit bonus. Here's the link:

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

    The Wii version is $47.99. If you buy games at Amazon regularly (which you should be), then you're basically getting this title on day one for $27.99 after the $20 pre-order bonus... a total NO-BRAINER. The trade-in value for the 2010 Wii version is still $21!

    In other $20 pre-order bonus news, they STILL have a similar deal going on with these titles (mentioned earlier in the thread as well):

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    So, Steam has a crazy deal on Rockstar games right now. Apparently it's Rockstar week, so they're having crazy deals on Rockstar titles, including the all-encompassing Rockstar pack:

    For $42.49, you get:

    Bully: Scholarship Edition
    Grand Theft Auto
    Grand Theft Auto 2
    Grand Theft Auto III
    Grand Theft Auto IV
    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    Max Payne
    Max Payne 2
    Midnight Club 2
    Wild metal

    So, yeah, that's an insane deal. Many of those games are excellent (I strongly recommend Max Payne 2 for it's fun gameplay and excellently-done narrative.) If you're the kind of gamer who really focuses on how many hours of gameplay they get out of each purchase, this is probably one of the best deals you could ever find since each modern Grand Theft Auto game can provide between 40-60 hours a piece.

    And it's all for less than the price of one new game.

    I'm incredibly tempted to get this, even if I'm not interested in every title there. It's just an insane deal.

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    That is a nice deal Outrider and you're right that it's really tempting to buy just for the value alone. Had I not already played nearly every one of those (and own many of them still), I'd be really interested. Heck, I think the only PC title they are missing is State of Emergency.

    Also, for those interested, Amazon is having an all-360 Gold Box event today:

    Amazon Gold Box: All Xbox 360 Event
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    Wow.... too bad my PC is shit, or else I'd beg for money to get em! lol
    That's pretty awesome.

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    GameStop and Amazon are having themselves a little price war at the moment, and it's working out nicely for gamers

    Gamestop started by having a sale that offered discounted titles w/ $10 credits on future purchases. Amazon matched. Gamestop lowered prices further. Amazon started matching again. Here are some highlights:

    Although Gamestop has a number of these titles for $3 cheaper (as indicated by the "may drop to" price), I linked to the Amazon pages because 1) they are likely going to match and 2) when you factor in sales tax charged at Gamestop, the Amazon games come out to about the same anyway, even with the price difference. Since Amazon consistently has great game deals, it might be in your best interest to get your video game credit there.

    However if you don't want to wait for another round of Amazon price matches and prefer to purchase from Gamestop, just follow this link to check out the sale on their website: - Huge Game Sale!

    I'll try to add any other noteworthy deals that come from this promo.
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    Time to finally get Demon's Souls. I've got some time to kill until 3D Dot Game Heroes and Alan Wake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amtalx View Post
    Time to finally get Demon's Souls. I've got some time to kill until 3D Dot Game Heroes and Alan Wake.
    I have TWO copies of Demon's Souls already (Asian version and US version) and I'm still tempted by that price. I believe that is probably the best deal of the bunch, for a really cool and unique PS3 exclusive.

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    Amazon updated their price on Demon's Souls to match Gamestop, so it is now $32.99 + a $10 video game credit for a future order. If you just ordered it at $35.99 earlier, drop Amazon a friendly email asking for a price adjustment, they are usually very good about that.

    If you didn't order earlier because you were waiting for the price match, then GO GO GO!

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