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    Default The Supplemental Update is coming
    Announcement: Supplemental Update and PSU Version 1.0 Users
    Attention, GUARDIANS!

    We have several important announcements to make for the Xbox 360 version of Phantasy Star Universe.

    First, a major content and game update is on the way for the Xbox 360 servers already released in Japan as the Supplemental Update, this update will be coming to our servers as well, scheduled for early this Summer. There is a lot of information for this update, and a lot to look forward to we will be providing in-depth information on all the changes and content, but just wanted to provide a heads up on this update coming out.

    Additionally: As of two months from now (June 21st), version 1.0 users of Phantasy Star Universe (the base version of the game, without the expansion) will no longer have access to the online version of the game. In order to have access, users will need to upgrade to the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion. Please note that Story Mode (offline mode) for version 1.0 will still function.

    I do apologize that we are not able to offer service to non-upgraded users, but going forward this is a necessary change to allow the Supplemental Update to come to our servers. We will be doing our best to move version 1.0 users to the AOTI version of the game, and to make this an easy and readily available option.

    Moving forward, here are some things featured in the Supplemental Update stay tuned for information on this, and much more:

    +Many new weapons and armor units

    +New outfits

    +Exciting new character customization options

    +Important Balance Changes

    +Upgraded User Interface

    +Upgrades for MyRoom features

    We do have additional updates scheduled between now and the supplemental update. This notice is a preliminary announcement on what we have to look forward to there is a lot of news to come for PSU, and I look forward to having the opportunity to deliver it to you!

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    >Early summer

    Sounds good to me.

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    Glad they could "focus on releasing new content" since the PC/PS2 close.

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    Awesome news! I'm glad I came back when I did. I still have a few thingsI need to finishup before the update.

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    Probably won't be coming back but it's nice to see the 360 version getting some support now that they cut off PC/PS2.

    Shame it had to come to that though.

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    Thumbs up

    I really hope we get Guardians Cash that would be awsome I need to get my 8/8 killer elite to 10/10 and my 9/9 spreed needle to 10/10 come on sega give us the cash.Long live PSU

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    Good to know now I can keep my sub canceld till this comes out. Unless we get a Grind Bounus/Gold Bars before then.

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    Hearing this after getting Monster Hunter Tri, a truely epic day!
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    Great news, even if it is slightly bitter-sweet

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    I just realized why they announced it today lol its not like the power went out yesterday and they needed something that would keep the community calm.

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