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    the game is slow in the begginning but as you go on it gets more fun

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    I just started playing BB and I'm loving it.

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    You could always play offline on the Wii. Just find yourself a copy of episode 1 & 2 plus, because it has the most offline content.

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    What he's trying to determine is if it's worth it. He's never played a platform PS game before, only PSZ, and possibly soon PS:P2. So we're suggesting that he tries Blue Burst first so he doesn't waste any money buying something he may not like, and plus, with Blue Burst, he can get online and play with other members here. Blue Burst also has the same offline content as PSO Ep 1 & 2, both plus and non-plus, in addition to the online content. Probably the only thing that differs is the fact that you don't have to worry about the columns along the way and that all areas are already unlocked.

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    Phantasy Star Online is by far a game that is one to get if you enjoy the MMORPG sci fi genre.

    If you can get in on the PC version with private servers, then the fun is probably multiplied by about 12423892345omgwtfbbq%.

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    PSO is an amazing game. PSOBB just kills it by taking it to an all new level. It's a perfect game in my eyes and there's plenty to see and do for years and even then you may never learn everything about the game. I don't think it's possible to beat it EVER. Wait all you want but I wouldn't count on anything better coming along. PSZ is a joke in comparison.

    I don't play it anymore. 10 years is enough.

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    The OP's not waiting for another release of PSO to come out, he's asking if it's as good as it looks, and it is. While I agree that BB takes PSO to a whole new level which just wrecks it in my opinion with all the recent updates and what-not, the point is, it's a PSO game that can go online, and as such you're not limited to just local play and a smaller online community with the GameCube version. Plus, BlueBurst is free, where as he'd have to pay to get a GC/DC copy. If he's going to try out any PSO version, his best bet is to start with Blue Burst, and if he likes it, then he can consider on getting a GC copy to experience the game in its original content, aka before all the private server mumbo-jumbo.

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    BIO:my friend has PSO, i love it (yes present, I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT RIGHT NOW) and i searched everything i could find on PSO (imagine being SUPER addicted to PSO, and not being able to play it) so when PSZ came out i got it, and love it, but not as much as PSO.

    and as an answer, YES!
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    Quote Originally Posted by steaIth View Post
    (imagine being SUPER addicted to PSO, and not being able to play it)
    Been in this situation myself. PSO is easily one of the most addictive games I've ever played, and the most hard to stop playing.

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    its good to play what started the online franchise. that way you can actually compare what has has changed through the years. I had the same doubts as you waaaay back when I saw it on a shelf at a game store. but once I bought it, everything about it is amazing. no other PS game has the most unique weapon variety you will find. granted they are hard to find, but worth playing through all the quirky quests and levels unique to only PSO.

    sometimes it could be just a generation thing. meaning it all depends on when one has played it to simply enjoy it. now that the servers are shut and other things have come up, players just getting into it might not have the same feelings as the older players.
    I"m not saying that is just the case. taste plays a role as well. lol

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