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    Default Wow, PSI is... Brutal.

    Just the first little portion was increadibly difficult. I didn't know where to go at first, and once I got an idea, I had to do some brutal grinding just so I could survive. Plus, I didn't find the place where you can get healed for free untill after I completed a large amount of grinding. Not to mention, going the wrong way can put you too far in over your head. However, the game is classic RPG goodness, and I love it for that. Nothing beats an old-fashioned RPG.

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    Having finished the game multiples times, I feel that the "survival grinding" is only for the beginning of the game. After leaving Parma, I was just fighting what I was encountering and made it just fine. Later on, the difficulty is more about not getting lost in the mazes

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    It's annoying that the characters that join just can't stand up to Alis. They should have started at higher levels, especially that cat, since he also has very little equipment selection. Also, does it become easier to figure out "what the heck do I do now?" later on?

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    It bothers at first about the character level when you get them (even more Noah/Lutz which you get even more later on), but at tone point they easily catch up, and I think the leveling rate is different because of that. Even if you recruit him last, Noah will be the first to normally reach LV30 (max level), anyway in most of my playthrough.

    And no, it gets harder as you go along to figure out everything. At the beginning, I guess the only confusing part is how to get the passport. Later on, there will be a lot of items to found and to use at a very specific spot. I personally think that using a FAQ/Guide to finish an old school RPG kill the fun of it, because most of the fun in 8bits RPG is found by exploring and trying to figure out what to do (else the game will be really short). But I guess that sometimes if it become too hard to figure out what to do, an online guide could be an option (that I don't like, but some people just can't stand to play old-school RPG anymore...maybe it'S not your case, but I saw numerous report of people getting through the game with a guide, which I find a little bit sad).

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    I've personally never had a problem with grinding, but with a slow system compared to what most of us are used to, it gets brutal...I feel the same way about Phantasy Star II....both were re-made but in Japan only.

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    I agree, both Phantasy Star I and II can be somehow hard and confusing at the beginning. Although, for me the most challenging thing in the first PS games always was to find the way to the next city. Sense of direction, hm.

    I remember when I first played PSI I thought it would be a good idea to level up a bit, so I walked into the little woodpiece under the first city. Got killed by an Owl Bear in my very first fight. Then I thought it would be better to level up in the field, got killed by two Scorpions. Finally (at least I saved that time) I encountered two Scorpions again, tried to run but.... surprisingly... it didn't worked.
    Fine, this is not really the games fault, more the stupidity of a bloody amature - but it is somehow discouraging at first.

    But I think the longer you play it, the more divinity it gets. It definately is a georgeous game, worth the trouble, and as you said - nothing beats an old-fashioned RPG.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany - corrections are always welcome =)

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    Easiest way to level up in PS1 is to start just outside the walls east of town. Don't go into the forest. Just stay in the grassland outside the walls. After that get your party together and grind fishman until whatever level you're comfortable with to proceed further into the game after returning to Palma.

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    I'm past that point now, thankfully. However, at first I could only grind the swarm enemies, anything else wiped me out. One thing that's kinda a fail on my part, is that I didn't know about the woman in the first town who healed you for free. I thought you had to just use the hospital and items. Dang, that really slowed down upgrading my weapons and armor. Now I'm just in the rut of "what the heck do I do now?". Specifically, what do I do to get into the governer's mansion (or whatever it's called) on the seccond planet. Also, I ended up digging my way through enemies tougher than what I should be fighting, into the depths of that cave that's north from the first city of the seccond planet, only to be turned away by some jerk with blue hair. Waste. Of. Time.

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    Just keep at it. The early RPGs always had this crazy hard difficulity curve in the beginning. Personally I wouldn't leave the first town until I was something like lvl 10 or higher. (Terrible Dragon Warrior/Quest 1 flashbacks...made me a bit grind happy.) a dirty old man and grown up SEGA kid.

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    I've... Gotten way past the brutal part... *Points at when this thread was started.*

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