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    Default Forget WoW Shin, They got him!

    Hand in everything that To(talitarian)yotas.

    But I guess they can afford him, what with "1 million dollars an hour on safety"

    Wow, its like when Mr. T gets philosophical he gets even more awesome.
    You have to know these things man. /Moo2u proverb

    So hire him also for zoom zoom Gran TurNISMO V(vt-i). Not that Santa Claus stealing the Lotus

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    I told you Toyota was behind everything.
    You guys don't believe me

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    I knew toy Yoda was up to no good!

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    Pity the fool he does not.
    Tax the fucking churches.

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    Polyphony Digital stole Toyoter to deliver Toy Yorders too:

    While the Elise chassis was designed for worldwide use, its 1.8 liter Rover 'K' engine had never been certified for use in the U.S., so there was little possibility of the car coming to America unless a different engine could be found. ... With the parts supply for Lotus' only U.S. street model Esprit drawing to an end, it finally became crucial for the company to find a way to bring Elise to America. In addition to keeping the dealer network alive, supplying Elises to a previously untapped U.S. market would also bring vitally needed revenue to the small but ferociously creative and influential car manufacturing and engineering consulting company.
    Roger Becker goes to Japan

    Long-time Lotus development engineer and driver Roger Becker flew to Japan with the idea of sourcing Toyota's new, 1.8 liter, Yamaha-designed 2ZZ-GE engine for use in a world version of the Elise. While his courtship gestures to the giant manufacturer were initially rejected, Becker persisted and succeeded in gaining a contract for the engines. It may have helped that Lotus and Toyota have a long history together, including Toyota purchasing engineering services from and indeed a minor ownership stake in Lotus during the 1980s.
    Toyota's first All-Aluminum Engines

    The 2ZZ-GE and the distantly related, lower-powered 1ZZ-GE are used in the Celica, Corolla, Matrix and other cars throughout the Toyota lineup worldwide. Somewhat surprisingly, they are the company's first all-aluminum engines. Being in wide use throughout the Toyota world means these engines have broad parts and service support, thus forming a good basis for the new, worldwide Lotus Elise model.
    Two versions of the ZZ-series 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder have replaced the 3S-series 2.0-L (Japanese) and 2.2-L (U.S.) engines in the previous-generation Celica. The type 1ZZ was first launched in the current U.S. built Corolla, and then adopted in the larger Japanese-market Vista. Below it is fitted with the VVT-i continuously variable intake-valve-timing system and given the FE suffix.
    • Toysport Engine Notes

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