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Thread: If Aliens...

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    If Aliens showed up one night & invited you to immediately come along with them on their voyages thru the cosmos, never to return to Earth, with the stipulations that you could not bring anything, nor say any goodbyes or give any explanation for your disappearance to your family, friends, spouse, kids, pet hampster, etc. (ie. you just 'disappear'), would you go ???
    (sorry about the run-on sentance...) (:

    just wondering what others would do & said 'off topic'....

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    If they don't mind my being naked all the time because they'd have woken me up from my naked slumber.

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    Depends on if they include the "You will live forever as a Goddess" part in there somewhere

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    I think things would get interminably dull if I were to live forever as a god among aliens. And then there's my basic drive to procreate - how am I gonna seed any offspring with another species? That would be kinky. I think some people might be disappointed if I vanished off the face of the earth, as well. So as not to break any hearts, and for the good of the continuation of our species, I think I'll change my mind and stay. Is it too late to change my mind, or have I already been whisked away?

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    Default's more a question about human's basic needs to be among their own kind, the value of relationships (esp. family), & our place in the universe. Not many years ago, I may have gone without a second thought, most likely only to regret my decision. I really want to know what's going on out there (it would be so cool !), but at what price? Although doing a 9 to 5, paying off endless loans & bills for years to come may not be as appealing to ultimate discovery...... least here on earth we have PSO to whittle our short lives away with !!

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    I haven't really changed my mine. But I wouldn't go unless there was a hot chick up ther waiting.

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    HELL NO!!!!!

    You know what would happen....

    They give you all this BS about "seeing the cosmos" and "traveling lightyears away" and unlocking the secrets of the universe", when all they're really gonna' do is hit you in the back of the head with a folding steel chair and take your wallet as you lay on the floor unconscience.

    The Next thing you know, you're waking up in the Seven Eleven parking lot on a ssaturday night with no pants on holding an empty bottle of Schlitz malt liquor.....

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    Those must be some creepy aliens

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    Alien babe, adventure and random acts of heroism?! Count me in! To hell with my family...heh heh. Not much of a question to ask, because I don't know how that would happen. I guess I would go, probably eventually find some cosmic whoseamajigger to contact my peoples.

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