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    Default how to contact GM/ didnt get weapon in store

    hello there
    I buyed a weapon in store and didnt received it...please give help I didnt have much money and need it back or my can I contact GM in game?...plz help me

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    I do believe you have to send a ticket into sega through their website, uh I'm not entirely sure what it is.
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    judging by the post count, and the "i didnt have much money", its probabaly better to donate a refund than wait for a ticket to actually be read...

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    if you want help me u can do...but still have the problem of getting no weapon fromt that retailler...anyway im now at caelum, 3 etage passage b

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    How much did you spend out?

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    yeah, if it's 100K, I'm sure someone will jsut give it to you. I know would. but only if you blacklist the shop.

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    I will just give you the meseta xD Sega will take weeks to respond to the ticket.

    I am a HUcast to know what you are take the quiz here.

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