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    Default PSP2 Fan Art Winners - In-game

    A little shout out today to everyone who submitted an entry for our PSP2 Fan Art competition! Since the game is coming out tomorrow, here's a little sneak peek at the items themselves - in the full version.

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    Very nice, always a pleasure to see the community have the ability to contribute in some way to the games they love.
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    Those look pretty good in-game.
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    Hell Yeah. RAPPY AND PS FTW.

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    Gib Vision phone codes. =]
    Also both look really good in-game.


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    oh wow, real in game items? That's awesome!

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    Those both look pretty nice in game.

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    they look great on the game!!!!...thanks for the preview RubyEclipse!!!!!!
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    I'm surprised about how those look honestly. They look every bit as good in the game as they did when posted on the art contest page. Impressive!
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