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    Default PSP2 - Servers are now live!

    Hi everyone,

    We've mentioned this in a few places, but I just wanted to confirm again that we are looking to have our online servers live later tonight, probably between 7-9 For those of you who have the game already or are downloading it right now, hit up the story mode and start prepping your characters!

    I'll update as soon as the servers have gone live. And, just in case there are any technical difficulties, I'll give out a couple free item codes should getting the servers up take longer than usual.

    Thanks everyone - we'll see you online soon!

    Update: Servers are live! Thanks for waiting everyone, and have fun!

    If you get error 4041, make sure you activate your PSP for "Game" via the menu settings before you load a UMD. Then restart your PSP, and it should work!
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    Already hitting up ad-hoc mode with a friend, having a blast so far and can't wait for the servers to go up. =3

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    sweet, i hope i can find members from my PC-PSU:AOTI guild.

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    I hope you can still give us those free item codes even if the servers don't take longer than usual to go online.

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    yes so when can we get those poster codes? and is there going to be a ver 1.01
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamimi-San View Post
    and is there going to be a ver 1.01
    It appears we are already on JP v1.01, if the demo is anything to go by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarode View Post
    It appears we are already on JP v1.01, if the demo is anything to go by.
    My beautiful un-patched EX traps....Nooooo!

    j/k that's still good though.

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    Yes I have to say im hoping the servers are delayed! Bonus codes!

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    Quick bump as I'm seeing a lot of "Why can't I connect?" threads. Hopefully at least a few people will read this and get up to speed in the meantime.

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