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Let's see, everyone who has replied to you knows what they are talking about. Stop freaking out over nothing, story missions don't drop much nomatter what, you're just unlucky and impatient. I've gone through 2 to 3 story missions in a row without getting anything, not even a monomate, and I've gone through missions where I got 10 or more red boxes. Don't freak out, and don't doubt people who are a LOT more experienced with this game than you when they say your game is fine.

Everyone except for this guy:

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Hope that doesn't happen to me. And that mission with no items in the first act, I too think it's a bug. And before anyone rants it's not, chill, it's only polygons and whizzy flashy things, nothing serious.
Btw, you're a little late. I've already come to the conclusion that it was a bug. Because A. I've repeated the mission 5 times without any items appearing in each trial and B. The second ACT had a normal amount of items, which is inconsistent with the first ACT.

And if you're still doubting me, have you ever considered that it was bug and that maybe you've been getting this same bug?

IF it isn't a bug, why would SEGA make it so you wouldn't find any items during ONE ACT and not the others? That's inconsistent and just bizarre. Imagine finding no monomates or sol atomizers for this ONE ACT. You'd be dead... In fact, why not make all Story missions have no items, especially the ones where you have a time limit?

Look, I'd actually like to stop arguing about it. It's not a problem anymore since it's only temporary. I think we should just drop it like an item.

Also, I found another bug. When I had a level 2 charge equipped in my abilities slot, sometimes I'd hear it charging different like it was charging over itself. You could hear the difference with it charging regularly as opposed to it when it's having a "buggy" charge. I think others may have experienced this. It's nothing big either.