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Thread: EarthQuake Deck

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    Default EarthQuake Deck

    I was wondering why some people's ideal would be about a earthquake deck without fly. Maybe not a deck based on it but a deck with 3 quakes.

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    Well it is good for Kranz due to his Fixed Range ability.
    Only hits the target one space in front like his normal attack, instead of hitting yourself and partner as well.

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    With Kranz though it would only be good vs Hunter type characters though, good ideal but if you're gonna go fixed ranged it would be better to go with someone like KC or Rio. Good ideal though not really what I'm lookin for though.

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    Make a deck with morfos, canadines and claws perhaps? You can quake safely from behind your own monsters without hurting any of them. I'd probably run Sinow Blue as well, since its okay to destroy those. Mine brighntess and ruin darkness to make the 1 costs a threat, and since offline Morfos could use it. Throw in legacy to summon Epsilon for some easy quaking later and a 1 cost still fits. I'd also run Indi belra, so that if they get wise and sart using fly, Indi can simply eat them.

    I'm thinking

    x1 indi belra
    x2 Canadine
    x1 morfos
    x2sinow blue

    x2 (mix and match) minebrightness/ruinsarkness/giant garden
    x3 quake

    And the rest can be defense cards. Such a tank! a 50% chance of drawing defense means that only SWOD can stop you. Poor offense but at least the 1 costs can be summoned anywhere on the field and morfos moves for free, so you should be covered against both Arks and Hunters.

    And I'd probably Use Lura or Rio over KC, since he has trouble shooting through his own creatures due to lack of "multi target" range.
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    Actually KC can shoot through his own creatures just fine, not sure about oppenent's creatures though. I know this because I have a KC wolf deck with a quake. Thanks for your notes, Indi might be a good ideal since indis are vilnerable to hunters who use alot of low costs items. Also are belras ever not on your mind? I bet Weakness and TP defense are quite annoying. Anyways good to hear from you Rag. Seeing you makes me remember the good times we had.

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    Ahh, perhaps it WAS my opponents creatures that I've been trying to shoot through. I just recall multiple occasions of staring through KC's sight and being like "aww, it wont reach again!".

    And belras are just good. Can't go wrong with their field and hand control. People are unlikely to step into its range without a defense card that can negate its entire attack, so when they finally do then thats my cue to cast a hand shuffling assist card, since anyone who steps up to a belra is most likely shuffle-bait. So much hp I can aford not having to defend it every turn, so much AP that I can save my action cards for my other monsters, and it saves me dice for constant assist cards. And I can't even begin to count how many times I've been able to get one out on the first turn.

    Belra is Sparta.

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    There's other good creature cards, also please let's not try to go off topic too much. If you wish inform people the usefulness of belra's make your own topic. I will say this Indi Belra plus Immortality is awesome. Add a fly and it's awesomeness becomes multiplied.

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    My advice to you: if you want to build a good deck that revolves around earthquake, do so with creatures with the fly ability (if you're playing arks) and save yourself from having to use slots for the fly assist card. Or if you're using a hunter bring fly. The whole fixed ranged/earthquake strategy is pretty much terrible. Even if you have a character who has fixed range and hits multiple targets, (Kranz or Lura for example) you run into the ugly scenario where you're using 4 action points to do 3 damage to your oppenent? Why would anyone base a deck on this? And even if you're facing a hunter/s who uses tons of low cost items and got lucky and got em both in your line of fire, all it would take is one of them to use some good defense and negate your attack. On that note, I think it's a great card if used properly, just avoid the whole fixed range thing at all costs.

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    I don't think there's many defense cards that would work since quake does fixed damage weakness, tp def, and punch guard wouldn't work too well. That one def action might work, the one that redirection damage. So without fly quake could be possiple to use without fixed range?

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    There is one defense card that is rarely used that would work well, and thats gather. I just remembered that action disruptor actually screws up this card bigtime, and the rules change (Its been a while, so I may be mistaken.) drastically. The card is no longer fixed damage, meaning defense cards like TP defense, weakness ect. comes back into play because the quake card is now based off the AP of the story character who used it. Plus, (Again, this may be incorrect, if you could test this it would be great.) the user will end up hitting everything on the map, including his/her own items. Yes, earthquake absolutely could (And in my opinion, definitely should.) be used effectively without relying on the fly card, why? Because relying on assist cards as the backbone of your strategy against a player who plays passively (like myself) will leave you in a bind. Nothing worse than everytime you set a fly card, your opponent erases it the very next turn. How to counter players like this? Use an item that gives you aerial status and control your own fate.

    There is a mag that gives aerial status and +2 to TP. I've yet to throw one together myself, (If you want, I would help you if you want to pursue a good earthquake deck.) but if I were a hunter player making a deck like this, I would test out Ino'lis (My favorite force) using this mag and earthquake. With techs (My favorite strategy) being the main offense, and the whole earthquake portion to go along with it, that way your deck can remain versatile and usable in more scenarios, even against people seeking to use AC disruptor against you.

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