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    Default Need some ideas on how to get banned

    That's right. I'm not gonna deal with the retards at 18004myxbox. Knowing them they'll charge me another $10 because they can if I cancel.

    I've tried spamming that I buy and sell meseta all day on the 4th floor, but that only annoyed the idiots there. Any suggestions?

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    hmm, maybe try with insulting and spamming perverted stuff, and say you teach how to hack and so on, do the whole package, im sure it would be loads of fun

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    That'll just get me blacklisted. I'd try scamming, but I'm not good at that. xD

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    Have someone take a screenshot of you spamming "Selling MGG for X meseta!" and then report it to SEGA.

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    Post a picture of you saying"Selling Kiddy pron 100meseta" on psu forums that should do it.

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    Yeah. Spam this:

    "Selling how to do Grinder Glitch, 1mil messeta!!!"

    You will get attention and get banned for sure. They are not taking the Grinder Glitch lightly.

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    If you get banned Microsoft will still bill you anyway.

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    That's the funny part because I don't plan on ever using my pre-paid debit card again. They can bill me all they want.

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    Then if that's the case, why are you going through all of this extra drama? Just call them up and cancel and be done with it.
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    That's the problem. Every time I canceled before they charged me an extra $10 because that's how fucking greedy they are. Even worse is they don't list my next billing date, even on

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