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    Arrow Important news for PSP2 players in the west regarding online play

    Hi everyone,

    Some important news that I wanted to pass on today, which could come into play in the near future. (Worry not though - it's good stuff.)

    I'm sure many of you have heard or remember the issues with the authentication check not working properly for PSP2. This essentially made all those shiny codes we spent a long time securing null and void, as it meant that anyone could get online, even if they didn't get a legitimate copy of the game.

    On that front, some good news - this will soon no longer be the case.

    We've been working hard with Sony to help determine why the problem was occurring and what could be done to fix it. A solution has now been worked out, but there's a chance it might require existing players to download the Little Wing License from the PSN store again. Worry not though, as it will be free and automatically available.

    So, if at any point in the near future you run into an error logging in, just head to the PSN store and you should see a new version of the Little Wing License to pick up, which will be free to download for both retail and digital copies of the game.

    I'll post again as I hear more news about when this might go live and a more detailed set of directions to find the new Little Wing License if this route is pursued. I'm passing this news on early and it's definitely subject to change, but I wanted to pass it on ahead of time so that people know we're taking care of the issue and what to do if they run into a Little Wing License error at any point.

    Thanks everyone.

    - Ruby

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    Hopefully this will help stop some of the cheaters...And maybe some of the pervs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkPhoton View Post

    Hopefully this will help stop some of the cheaters...And maybe some of the pervs.
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    Nice, now we won't have any more topics on boards about people logging in without their pass.

    Instead, we'll get them asking why they can't log in.

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    Thank goodness! Finaly the cheaters will get kicked XD
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    Very reasonable. Good luck on getting that update ready. I'll let my friends know about that so they don't get surprised.

    One other advice. If you can update the NEWS screen (which comes up when a player logs onto infrastructure) with info that they will need to redownload the license freely before that update is made. That'll help get the word out to other infrastructure players that might not check the boards.

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    Hopefully this will decrease the hacker count which is always a good thing.

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    Oh, right - while we're at it, on the topic of hackers:

    If you guys spot anyone cheating or hacking in the game, please submit a ticket to us with their ID# at . If you could include pictures or other proof that will prove they're cheating beyond a doubt, it would also be extremely helpful.

    Our teams will then check to verify if the user has been cheating, and if we find evidence to prove so, will ban them from the game. This should become much more effective once the system described in the first post is active and we can prevent them from easily coming back.

    I know many versions of Phantasy Star have had problems with this in the past, and while it may not be completely preventable, we'd like to do our best to make the online game as enjoyable and cheat-free as possible. Thanks in advance for helping us make that happen!

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    Good to know, Thanks!

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