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    Default Two new JP Phantasy Star trademarks discovered

    (I'm kind of iffy on posting this in PSU general, so mods, feel free to relocate as you see appropriate.)

    Copy-pasting from my post at PSUPf...


    Shougai PSO reported today about two new Phantasy Star trademarks that were filed by SEGA in the past few months. Initial applications were made on August 17, 2010, and the information was made public on September 9, 2010. The new trademarks are Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters and Phantasy Star Eternal Planets. No other information is known about the titles.

    Shougai makes a suggestion that the titles could be an attempt at something along the lines of what the Pokémon games go for, but having two versions of (essentially) the same game with minute differences between them.

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    I have a feeling these will either be two 3DS games or they're deciding on an official title for PSO2.
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    Perhaps the Wiii will be getting a Phantasy Star title as well?
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    No Phantasy Star Online?
    No Phantasy Star Universe?
    No Phantasy Star Portable?
    No Phantasy Star Zero?

    Only Phantasy Star, with another subtitle next to them.

    Can I dream about a return to the classic saga?

    Of course not, with name such as "Eternal Hunters" and "Eternal Planets", it smells Online concept to me...

    But if only they could one day make another good offline single-player RPG under the banner Phantasy Star...IF ONLY!!!

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    I thought the Pokemon thing at first, too. Actually, I'm thinking that Sega might use "Eternal Hunters" and "Eternal Planets" as names for PSO2 expansions, and just wanted to get the trademarking step out of the way. That's just my wild guess, though.

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    First Phantasy Star game(s) for the PSP2 !!! WOOO
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    Pokemon-style Phantasy Star is not something I really want to see.

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    You can count me in, I'm excited. How will this tie in with PSO2? Either way, I approve of more Phantasy Star games, and I feel like they can do portables really well now that they've had some experience.

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    To me, one of these may be a sequal to phantasy star zero, and the other will be a new title to the wii.

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