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    Unhappy The End of PSOBBjp

    The website says it all.

    The free period runs from November 30th - December 27th. December 27th is also the final day of the servers.
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    Indeed, a sad moment, PSO officially is put to rest after 10 years with these news.

    The plans for the final month of PSOBB Japan are as follows, according to the official website:
    November 29: subscriptions (30 days and auto-renewal) are discontinued, no new accounts can be created from this point on

    November 30 to December 27: server becomes free to play

    December 14 to December 27: rare item drop rate x10, rare enemy rate x5, EXP x2

    December 27 (16:00): server shutdown

    10 years of PSO, 6 years of PSOBB, now closing and signing off from Ragol.

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    Yeah. If I weren't at work, I would be in tears.
    I still have to get my Fomar on lv 200...

    A sad day, really. I don't even know what to say...
    Oserez-vous percer le mystère de la malédiction ?

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    impressive how long its lasted. I'm sure JP PSU is set to last a long long time to come as well. Still if you miss PSO so much just join one of the private servers


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    Man, this is making me sad, and I've never played PSO.

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    I just got the email saying the same thing. I guess it's just not profitable enough anymore. 6 years is a good run, yeah? This frees up Sega's community managers for PSO2 though. That's not a bad thing. Come to think about it, maybe this means we'll see PSO2 early in 2011 rather than later.

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    Buck up, guys. Seems everyone's missed the silver lining of the news: upcoming PSO2 test! Here, I'll copy-pasta what I wrote over at PSUPedia.


    The Japanese version of PSOBB is finally coming to an end. At 4:00p.m. JST on December 27, 2010, the servers will go offline permanently. Here is a schedule of how things will go for the final few months.

    November 29: Hunters License sales and all special access code usage halted.
    November 30 - December 27: Free access to the game servers.
    December 14 - December 27: Special bonuses applied (rare drops x10, rare enemies x5, EXP x2).
    December 27: Servers go offline at 4:00p.m. JST.

    Of course, this is all to make way for PSO2. And as it turns out, there are discussions going on to give PSOBB subscribers access to a PSO2 "user participation test" (among other things). No other details were given, but it says to stay tuned to the official site for more information.

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    @Espio: Oh shi-

    Still sad to hear it's shutting down, but one hell of a run it had.

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    wow 6 years, huh? I never got PSO BB, but i was on the PC server closing of PSU. It won't be too much longer hopefully before it is announced when PSO2 comes

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    My god, 6 years. It's a long time coming. But here's hope to PSO2!
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