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    Cool Who was you favorite PS character

    Mine is Demi like my icon so whats the worlds

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    Nei and Rika.. For there claws and bad***ry .
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    Wren from PSIV
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    My favorite was Chaz. I like how he went from bumbling rookie to full-fledged hero by the end of PSIV. I know that type of character development is very cliche, but I still enjoyed him.

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    If its All the phantasy star games in general then i love Helga Neumann (if i spelled that right) in PSU

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    Mieu, the cute motherly Cyborg helping 3 generations of prince

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    There are just too many characters from the classic series that I can't pick just one.

    Here are some of my favorites

    Shir (PS II): She joins the team just to steal stuff.
    Rune (PS IV): Just his personality that makes me want to punch his lights out; but he's there when Chaz needs him.
    Wren (PS IV): He was the model personality where PSU casts aspire too.

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    I can't pick just one. To me, I more appreciate how the characters compliment each other than appreciate each character by himself.

    That being said, I've always had a soft spot for Nei. Such a tragic combination of alienation and self sacrifice, combined with a partial animal body and fighting style.

    The Doctor, Ami, is a close second. You can almost feel the love of life she expresses from her avatar. Not to mention, she does a bang-up job of keeping everyone alive.

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    Question Who?

    I have 4 favorites for the good guys, and 2 favorites for the bad guys. For the Good guys I liked Chaz Ashley, Alys "The Eight Stroke Sword" Brangwin, Alis Landale, and Nei. For the Bad guys are Zio, and Lashiec. But for overall I'd say Chaz Ashley. He's the final hero of the classics, and the story line is all his after Alys got hit with the Black Wave.
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    PS1- Mayu, i like cats
    PS2- Rudo, he was just guaranteed damage, never left my party
    PS3- Wren, i was just a huge Transformers fan
    PS4- Tie between Alys(Laya) and Rune(Thray). Alys was this no nonsense, all business bad ass... and Rune comes along and turns her into a blushing giggling school girl.

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