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    Post Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    This is a nice, simple guide with info on the Hunter class in Phantasy Star Portable 2. Be patient with it, as it very long, but also very informative. The may or may not be updated when Infinity releases, at least until a western release. EDIT: Just added a small section about Infinity near the end. Check it out!


    Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    Ah, a new recruit. Welcome, friend, to the Hunter's Guide to Domination! With the help of this guide, you will be transformed into a raging warrior of might, knocking enemies down and sending them packing! Now first, a brief description about the Hunter...

    What is a Hunter?
    Hunters are the ones that charge into the fray with a big weapon in their hands and an excitement for battle seen in their eyes. As such, they specialize in close-quarter combat, and are built to strive in the battlefield. Hunters come in all shapes and sizes, but one things for sure; they will be the ones putting a lot of hurt on the foes.

    What are the benefits of Hunters?
    Hunters gain very high HP, ATK, and DEF, ensuring that you will survive a beast's attacks and return the favor tenfold. They are proficient with all melee weapons, so whether it's bashing a Lapucha's skull with an axe or shredding one to pieces with a claw, it is all possible. And being melee-craving warriors, they can learn melee Photon Arts up to level 30. They also have access to several abilities that help boost their already amazing power, whether its increased ATK, protection from freezing, or even invulnerability to staggers!

    Downsides of a Hunter?
    ...But of course, nothing is perfect, and Hunters are no exception. Being melee masters, they are not very proficient with guns or magic weapons, and they could care less about Techs, so as the ol' saying goes; “All brawn and no brains.” Having said that, Hunter can learn Bullet and Tech Photon Arts up to level 15. So if you love to shoop-da-whoop with a Laser Cannon or want to fry up a few Rappies with Foie, well you can, you just won't be that good at it.

    So, to recap:

    Hunters get high HP, ATK, and DEF
    More proficient with melee than guns or magic weapons.
    Can learn melee PAs to lvl 30 and everything else to lvl 15

    For more info on weapon proficiency check the link below:

    Pick a Race, any Race
    Right then, so that you know what a Hunter is, it is time to choose your race! Each race has it's own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being a Hunter, but with enough tweaking you can easily fix that and become the whirling dervish that is expected of you! So now, you must choose.

    Human: The most balanced of all races, they seem to have better DEF and MND, which gives a bit more survivability. As Hunters, they can be more defensive thanks to the DEF/MND, and can hack and slash a lot faster with the help of their exclusive Dark Mirage Blast.

    Newman: A squishy lot. Many don't heed the call of the Hunter, but for the few that do, respect to ya! Newmans have the lowest HP, ATK, and DEF of all the races, hence their squishiness. However, they excel with TEC, EVA, and more PP than anyone else, and while the TEC means squat to Hunters, EVA will ensure those blows aimed to your head will miss and the large PP pool will mean you'll roll out of the way more often and still have enough to launch a PA! And with the second highest ACC, they'll hit whatever they can reach. Also, their exclusive Light Mirage Blast is rumored to grant a small bonus to DEF, which may reduce the squishiness a bit.

    Beast: The brawniest of brawn, Beasts and Hunters go together like peas and carrots. Beast grant the most HP and ATK, along with the second highest EVA, making them absolutely perfect for the job! The downside? They also have the lowest ACC and slowest PP regeneration rate, so when you're trying to punch that Booma for looking at you funny, it may take a couple of tries before you actually hit it.

    Cast: In the eyes of this Hunter, Casts are indeed the 'perfect' choice, but you are not me so let's see what they bring to the table. Casts have high HP, ATK, DEF, and the highest ACC, meaning that you'll be able to hit that Kakwane and hit it hard! And while they have the smallest PP pools of all the races, their regeneration rate is off the charts, ensuring you'll have enough for just about anything! And just when it can't get any better, Casts have access to the Ultimate Healing/Support unit known as Fluge, which fully heals, revives, casts long-lasting buffs and removes status effects on everyone! The Cast's one major weakness? Techs hurt them severely thanks to their low MND.

    A quick note to the veteran Hunters out there: At low levels a Beast will beat a Cast in terms of HP, but at higher levels a Cast will eventually have more than a Beast.

    So, to recap:

    Pro: Balanced, attack speed increase with Mirage Blast
    Con: Doesn't excel anywhere

    Pro: High EVA, ACC, large PP pool
    Con: Low HP, ATK, DEF

    Pro: High HP, ATK, EVA
    Con: Low ACC, slow PP regeneration rate

    Pro: High HP, ATK, DEF, ACC, Fast PP regeneration rate, access to Fluge
    Con: Small PP pool, low EVA, MND

    So with that in mind, you can see which race will deliver more on your own personal choices. And again, with a bit of customizing under the hood, you can null out the cons and make an all-pro Hunter!

    Thou art Man or Woman?
    You're probably wondering, 'If it doesn't matter what gender I am to the pack of wolves I'm about to kill, why should it matter to me?' Good question, and the answer is simple; Each gender grants a small bonus to certain stats, and while it is entirely unnecessary to consider this, it is here for those who would like that extra edge.

    Males: 5% more on HP, ATK, DEF and EVA. Great to help balance out a Newman
    Females: 5% more on ACC, TEC, and MND, plus a small boost to the PP pool. Great to help balance out Beast and Cast

    Remember, in the end, it really doesn't matter. Those wolves will still be dead.

    You Need a Weapon
    So you think you have all the info you need to get started, recruit? Well let's not get hasty. We've just got to the best part; the weapons! To Hunters, the weapon is like a an extension of the Hunter's power, to be used in succeeding the Hunter's cause, which for the most part is beating up beasties. Now for the fun to begin, as I'll give a list of all the melee weapon types there are available and any interesting info about them such as stat bonuses which you can use to your Hunter's advantage!

    Swords: Slow but strong, this 2-hander is best used for crowd control, or bosses with multiple attack spots. Most high-leveled swords can hit additional targets. Stat Bonus: +DEF/MND, 3-hit combo

    Axes: Slower than swords but also stronger, this unique 2-hander can knockdown enemies on the first and third hit. Stat Bonus: -EVA, 3-hit combo

    Spears: This 2-hander has average speed and accuracy, and can hit multiple targets, although it's tricky to use for crowd control. Most high leveled spears don't grant a stat bonus. Stat Bonus: +EVA, 3 hit combo

    Double Sabers: Has a very high hit combo compared to most 2-handers, with average speed and PA's that focus mostly on multiple targets. Stat Bonus: +MND, 6 hit combo

    Knuckles: Average speed 2-hander with great accuracy and average power, unique for having diverse PAs. Stat Bonus: +EVA, 4hit combo

    Twin Claws: Average speed 2-hander with great power and average accuracy, confirmed to have a higher hit combo with females than males. Stat Bonus: +EVA, 5 hit combo(males), 6 hit combo(females)

    Twin Saber: Very (over)balanced 2-hander with great accuracy, power, speed, and high hit combo. Popular among all Hunters! Stat Bonus: +EVA, 6 hit combo

    Twin Dagger-Lowest power of the 2-handers, but are also the fastest. Perfectly balanced with power and accuracy. Also has the highest hit combo of all the weapons. Stat Bonus: +EVA, 7 hit combo

    Sabers: A Hunter's friend in the beginning, 1-hander offering average power and accuracy. Stat Bonus: None, 3 hit combo

    Daggers: Weaker than Sabers, but offer more accuracy and are faster. Stat Bonus: +ACC, 3 hit combo

    Claws: The stronger of the 1-handers, also the least accurate. Stat Bonus: +ATK, 3 hit combo

    Whips: 1-hander that grants an extended range, also great for crowd control. Stat Bonus: +TEC, 3 hit combo

    Slicers: 1-hander that acts like a ranged weapon, and as such can help keep some distance while being balanced in power and accuracy. Stat Bonus: +EVA, 3 hit combo

    That's all in terms of melee, but sometimes there would be moments where another weapon type is needed, and for those times where the Hunter is alone in battle, this is a must.

    Guns: Sometimes, those nasty critters will take flight and stay in the air, and you'll be reduced to just standing there like an idiot waiting for it to come down. In times like these, a gun wouldn't be that bad to have, preferably a rifle or twin handguns, and blow them out of the sky!

    Any Tech Weapon: There are 2 techs that every Hunter must remember by heart; Shifta and Deband. Shifta boosts a Hunter's ATK and Deband boosts their DEF, MND, and EVA, making them great techs to aid the Hunters cause. As such, it is wise to invest a few points into getting any of the tech weapons available, which are rod, wand, and TEC-mag. Rod stands out more for giving 2 additional techs, which can be used for Jellen, which weakens enemies, and Zalure, which makes them a lot more squishy. Learning to utilize this method can help lean the battle in your favor!

    The final weapon in our discussion is the trusty shield. It's primary use is to be paired with 1-handers and be used to block enemy attacks, even going so far as to reflect some of that damage back! So when that Svaltia is about to strike, just raise up your shield and give a taste of it's own medicine!

    Now that you know what each weapon can offer you as a Hunter, you are ready to fully customize your destroyer of worlds to the max! And be sure to bring with you a different variety of weapons. Because sometimes the situation calls for a change, and the best Hunters are known to adapt!

    The Best Defense is an Even Better Defense
    So now that you have an understanding of a Hunter's offensive arsenal, it is time to talk about being defensive! First we will discuss blocking. Blocking allows the Hunter to reduce the amount to damage they are receiving, or if they manage to time a Perfect Block, nullify the damage. Only 2-handers and shields can block, and only shields can reflect damage during Perfect Blocks. The next topic is rolling. The Hunter can roll out of harms way in any direction they wish, it is perfect to help avoid incoming attacks or traps. Keep in mind, however, that both blocking and rolling consume PP (except Perfect Blocks) so make sure you get your timing right with those blocks and roll out the way to ensure you'll live to fight another day!

    Decisions, Decisions...
    As you will progress further in the path of the Hunter, you will feel that some abilities, as mentioned above, will feel lacking. Don't fret, recruit! Thanks to the joint efforts of the other classes, Hunters can have access to a plethora of abilities outside of their own! Here is a small list of some abilities used by veteran Hunters from the other classes.


    Lv.2-Damage Resist: 10% Damage reduction.
    Lv.2/15-PP boost/High-PP boost: Increases your PP pool.
    Lv.3-HP Restore Rate: Effective Passive healing.
    Lv.8-Half Defense: Can survive being OHKO'd with 1 hp
    Lv.25-PP Restore Rate: Increase PP regeneration rate
    Lv.9/10-Shock Protect/Confuse Protect: Immune to Shock/Confuse


    Lv.2/15-ACC boost/High-ACC boost: Increase ACC
    Lv.4/25-EVA boost/High-EVA boost: Increase EVA
    Lv.8-Elemental Hit: Increase chance to inflict status effects
    Lv.9/10-Poison Protect/Sleep Protect: Immune to Poison/Sleep


    Lv.9/10-Infect Protect/Stun Protect: Immune to Infect/Stun


    Lv.1/25-HP boost/High-HP boost: Increase HP
    Lv.2/15-ATK boost/High-ATK boost: Increase ATK
    Lv.2-Healing Item Boost: Increases healing from items
    Lv.8-Super Armor: Invulnerable to staggers
    Lv.3-PP Escape Save: Reduce PP cost of dodging
    Lv.3-PP Defense Save: Reduce PP cost of blocking
    Lv.9/10-Burn Protect/Freeze Protect: Immune to Burn/Freeze
    Lv.30-PP Skill Save: Reduce PP cost of melee Photon Arts

    For a complete list of class abilities, click the link below:

    Time to Enter the Fray
    Alright recruit, it is time for you to arm yourself with the knowledge you have gained and to go out there and become the best Hunter you can possibly be! And if you ever forget something Hunter-related, you can always come back to the guide. After all, knowledge is power, and Hunters are all about power!

    A Helping Hand
    I hope this guide will prove useful in some shape or form. If you have any thoughts about this guide that you wish to add/change, feel free to leave your two cents and they shall be taken into consideration. Let the way of the Hunter flourish!


    The following regards to the new info introduced in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

    Ah, it appears that with the new expansion, comes new changes, even a new challenger! Let's dig into this, recruit!

    Dewman After All
    New to Infinity is the mysterious race, the Dewmans. Trademarked with pale skin and an eyepatch of sorts, Dewmans are a powerful race thanks to their innate abilities, but as with everything else, it has its ups and downs. Dewmans have the eyes of a Cast, the strength of a Beast, and the wisdom of a Newman, but are entirely fragile, earning them the moniker of the 'Glass Cannon' Or in this case, a sword, thanks to their special Infinity Blast. As Hunters, they'll be able to use all weapons with great ease, but will have trouble surviving the fray.

    Pro: High ATK, ACC, TECH, Exclusive 'Sword' Infinity Blast
    Con: Low HP, DEF, MND, EVA, STA, PP, and slow PP regen

    Tweakin' the Weapons
    Along with the new Hunter race, several of the Hunter's favorite weapons received some interesting changes! Now this data you're about to see will seem incomplete, so keep an eye out for anything new that might pop up!

    Changes so far

    Swords: X2 attack speed, Able to hit +1 target, 3rd hit has been shortened
    Axes: 2 attacks per hit, possible knock down on 2nd swing along with the 1st and 3rd
    Twin Sabers: New running pose (Personally, it doesn't look good on the burly Hunters, but it works well with the femme fatales!)
    Twin Claws: New running pose (Works for the guys too!)
    Shields: Given a massive power boost for stronger Perfect Blocks
    Several PAs have been nerfed (Twin saber's Blade Destruction and spear's Dus Skaad) while others have been buffed (Double saber's Absolute Dance)
    Sword PA Grand Crusher is now faster
    DEF and MND are now scaled
    Enemies flinch more often
    Shifta and Deband have their durations extended
    Status Effects appear to occur more often

    A Helping Hand Deux
    If you know of any new changes that will affect Hunters, or something here is incorrect, let me know and it will considered. Now, Hunters, to arms for Infinity and beyond!
    Last edited by RenzokukenZ; Jan 11, 2011 at 11:29 AM. Reason: Added Infinity info such as Dewmans and changes in weapons in a seperate section.
    Heeding the call of the Hunter in PSP2? Use this: Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    "You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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    Females have an extra attack in the 3rd combo hit for twin claws. They also swing swords faster...marginally, I think.

    Don't forget about class points.

    Hunters need a rod. Heck, all classes need a rod. Especially for CASTs and Beasts, since they won't be able to fully heal with a wand or madoog.

    Hunters can't use EX Traps, if I remember correctly...or maybe just Burn EX Traps.


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    Hunters don't have access to EX traps. Only classes that do are Vanguard and Ranger (burn only)

    I mentioned class points as 'weapon proficiencies' and even linked it to the pedia page concerning that.

    I should put the Rod requirement there, despite the fact that I don't use any tech weapon on my hunter (surprise, surprise)

    And can you confirm if females get 6 hits with twin claws, or is it still 5?

    Thanks for your input!
    Heeding the call of the Hunter in PSP2? Use this: Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    "You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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    Females get 6 hits, yes.


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    Cool, thanks
    Heeding the call of the Hunter in PSP2? Use this: Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    "You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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    Added some more info about class abilities, dodging/blocking, and other notes.
    Heeding the call of the Hunter in PSP2? Use this: Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    "You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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    PP Escape Save is available to all classes at class level 3.


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    I know, and HP boost as well. Seemed easier to put them in one class than to repeat it over and over for the others. I may make a small note on that though...
    Heeding the call of the Hunter in PSP2? Use this: Beginner's Guide to Hunter Domination

    "You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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    We all know hunters dominate no matter what phantasy star game it is but cool info.

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    Very nice guide. I don't think there's anything I'd like to add to it, thus, I commend you on a job well done!

    Quote Originally Posted by fighgunners View Post
    We all know hunters dominate no matter what phantasy star game it is but cool info.
    PSOBB and its retardedly broken rangers begs to differ.

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