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Thread: Ragol Ring

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    Well, IMO, anything that doesn't vanish upon player death and that has the resists to suit your needs. Defensive gear in this game has, sadly, little to no use out of these 2-4 uses:

    -providing slots for slot units
    -raising your elemental resistances to make you able to NOT get OHKO'ed by enemy techs
    -Boost techs/set bonuses
    -getting +20 ATA (RA wall/RR)

    Then again, the resistance issue becomes moot since most resistances (even EDK) are only needed in EXTREMELY rare cases (ie: Epsilon rafoie, level 30 Megid traps and Ultimate Falz' rabarta/rafoie/Grants if you can't tank them/avoid them. All other techs can be easily dodged/tanked and their effects can be dealt with easily). The merges (which provide the tech bonuses) are only useful if you're a force or using buffs/debuffs a lot as a fleshie while Set bonuses can be a pain to gather. So, right now, I'd say to get the common shield with the level req closest to your current level from the shop and you'll be fine.

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    Oh good, this thread answered my question I just posted on GameFAQs.

    Thank you!
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    I always wonder how people manage to find these threads without noticing how old there are. But hey, it's the PSO forum. It's dead here anyway. No harm no foul.
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