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    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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    Quote Originally Posted by feather-flower View Post
    Great instrumentation!
    Adequate composition. Needs a smidge more variance, even if the track is brief.
    Acceptable lyrics, but the overall album's subject-matter is poorly chosen & will not benefit any listeners.
    Abd lastly, the performance of the vocalizations is not my preference.

    Either way, thank you Demoniac for sharing & to complement your post, I'll merely contribute the Bandcamp link to this group, where anybody who likes the song, could support the artists & hear more tracks by them:
    Hey, late reply here, but thanks for checking it out and giving feedback.

    The overall album subject matter deals with a unique fantasy world which I find more interesting than what many bands are doing and for me it's an escape.

    But generally speaking with any band, I don't think lyrics are meant to benefit anyone. Lyrics are just stories and that's all they should be.

    With Haiduk the focus is on the music anyway.

    Sea of Fire

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