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    EDIT June 2018: At this time the retrospective is on hold due to a channel reboot.
    EDIT: Chapter I released after all these years!

    Original Post:
    I'm announcing my return to producing video for Phantasy Star.

    In order to make this project a success I'll need some people to assist me. Knowledge of the series is a must have. There are 4 main things I'll need help with.

    1. Research assistance
    2. Review of the final product before it goes live.
    3. Support translating some Japanese elements
    4. Anything else that happens to come up

    The only thing I can offer is credit in the production. If you're interested please let me know.
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    I'm a very lazy guy. I like to talk about the series, and pinpoint everything possible when asked to talk about it (as can attest CaptainPlanet). But I don't like to take active part on any project because....well, I'm just very lazy

    If you have any question, or need any kind of clarification about something in the Classical Saga, I'll answer on this forum with pleasure when I have the time. The best of it all is that by doing so, I will not even ask for a mention of my name in the credits, I don't mind answering questions I just don't like when it feels like work...

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    Ok well then there is one thing that I'm trying to find is an interview I know exists somewhere. I can't remember who on the team it was from but it was a statement from saying why we have stormtroopers and light sabers in the first game. Any idea where I might be able to find that interview? (Unlike most retrospectives, I plan to have a source list available.)

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    As much as i want to i just wouldnt have the time for something like that.
    When i ask people bout phantasy star they think only as far back as Pso, which is sad. They are missing some of the gems of where the series REALLY started. People need to recognize these games,not just the online series. I really hope this pulls through for you :'x im rooting for you 100% xD

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    This should do, I guess

    it's in the second page

    Q: In your eyes, what do you think of the world and basic image of Phantasy Star?
    RK: I think all the designers and programmers have their own thoughts, but as the designer of the world itself, I naturally had my ideas.

    Take Dragon Quest, for example. I thought it was a pure, simple fantasy game, so I wanted to make something that wasn't like that. Like Star Wars, maybe... except not the whole thing, but just a few parts. As for which parts--well, with Star Wars, doesn't it feel kind of like they took Western culture and added Japanese things here and there sometimes? I mean, it's an SF movie, but Luke's outfit looks like a judo uniform, and the light sabers are used a lot like samurai swords...

    In designing the Phantasy Star world, I wanted to use what I learned in Star Wars about borrowing something from a completely different universe. So that's why I thought that it'd be neat if the people in this world wore medieval clothes, even though it's an SF story and there are robots running around. That was the image I had when I made this world.
    It's not talking directly about the inclusion of stormtrooper and lightsaber in the game, but she did say that she was inspired by Star Wars...which obviously is proof enough.

    If it's not precise enough though, you can get a lot of find by just googling "Rieko Kodama interview Phantasy Star". You'll get tons of info with that. Good luck.
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    Not only did that help with that point, you also managed to give me something else I was looking for, the real names for some of the people behind the game (since everyone was using pen names back then.) Thanks a ton!

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    Indeed, it was unfortunately a period where video games creator were not credited enough for their hard work like in the movies back then. I can only guess the real name of two of the most popular Phantasy Star creator when reading their name in the credits

    Phoenix Rie = Rieko Kodama
    Muuuu Yuji = Yuji Naka

    The rest are mystery for me.

    Fortunately it's not like that nowaday...though now the credits are so long, it becomes boring to watch, just to see if there's something beyond them.

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    I can add to that list who I've found.
    Gamer Mika was Miki Morimoto
    BO was
    Tokuhiko Uwabo

    One thing I still need to clear up is this concept that DF comes back every 1000 years. I believe that actually isn't the case. Yes it happened for the time between PS2 and PS4, but PS1 to PS2 was actually only 940 years. That plus the fact that the barrier that held back PD was weakened with the destruction of Palma. ...I'm wondering if the Earthmen brought their own Dark Falz.
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    For the whole Dark Force every 1000 years, I think it's more of an estimation of when the seal weaken. While between PSII and PSIV, it seems to be the exact number of years, for PSI and PSII, I don't think they had the concept totally written down yet. So around 1000 years is good enough.

    But if you want to go more deeply, according to the official timeline ( ) Lashiec summoned Dark Force by himself, that mean Dark Force didnt broke free from its Seal by itself, which mean that maybe he didnt followed the 1000 years formula. Maybe there was another Dark Force who came to Algol many years before Lashiec summoning (but not a 1000 years), and that he was defeated by some mystery hero we never heard of. For that point, you'll never have a full explanation, so I would take the "around 1000 years" theory instead.

    As for the Dark Force in the Pandora Box inside Noah, and where does it comes from, I have my own fan theory involving Time Loop, PSIII Dark Force, and another Dark Force on Palma before its destruction. But it's just a fan speculation. And since, like I said in my first post, I'm a very lazy guy, I don't like to write everything twice. So, I invite you to read the entire discussion I had with Captain Planet there if you have the patience:

    I explain my theory in detail at one point
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    It makes sense. It'll be a while until I get to that portion of it but its something that's very important towards the end of all of this. But anyway, I need to clear up one more thing and that is really what the different jobs of people entailed. I'm under the assumption that yuji naka as the main programmer built the game engine. but I'm a little confused on what's the separation in who wrote the story and who wrote the scenario, what a planner does vs a designer, and what a coordinator does against the previous two.

    I'm basically trying to make sure I credit the right people for doing things. Once I have this the script is pretty much good to go for the first part.

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