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    Default (PSZ) Friend Code and Such; Currently Online

    I haven't really played this game online so I'm starting a new game and would like to add some friends to my FC list.

    Name: Shade
    FC: 5286-0338-7631
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    Name: Shachao
    Fc:<---- look to your left

    Level: 50-60

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    I have added you to my friend list. Thanks for adding me.

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    hey shade i just added you i just started playing myself looking for friends 2 play with.
    my code-2494 3100 3682

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    hey sha i added you 2 my code is 2494 3100 3682

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    Name: Void
    FC: 3953-8432-4883

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    I have added you as well, Fallin. Thanks for adding me.

    Also, I'm currently online and looking for a match. I may not be on the DS right now but just let me know and I'll jump online.

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    I'll add you guys too.

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    <----friend code to left and I host the revival on tuesday nights if anyone wants to join your more than welcome

    Level 93 Humar-Winders **Retired**
    Level 100 Ramar-Rick Hunter **Retired**
    Level 100 Fomar-Windancer **Retired**

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    Void and Pogi, I have added you guys to my FC list. I'm free almost every night; I try to get online when I can but sometimes i can't. Hope to see some players online every now and then.

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