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Thread: PSN Down?

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    Exclamation PSN Down?

    I was trying to play last night and this morning and so far I keep getting disconnected from the Playstation Network.I was wondering if anyone else has this server problem or is it just my account that been banned for no reason.

    Thank you for the feed back
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    I couldn't get online today, I usually don't have any problems. There's a news blurb on Kotaku about psn emergency maintenance of some sort recently though.

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    ive been keeping tabs on it and it isnt moving :'(
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    I'm running OFW and haven't been able to connect to PSN last night or this morning with error code 80551021, so it's prolly down.
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    It is down. From what I can find on playstations' site, they had to close it all down when the playstation store suddenly gave everything off free.
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    Patrick Seybold updated that it might take a full day or two to before they're able to get the service completely back up and running.

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    Yeah the Playstation Network seems to have been having trouble.
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    That would explain why I can't get online either--oh well.

    It'll be back soon enough, I suppose.

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    Well, at least I'm glad it's not just me () that's having issues regarding PSN.

    Wishing all the IT staff well wishes and hoping they can get it back up as quickly as possible. (Want to buy more games)

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    I blame Portal 2 for this.

    Either way, playing online is kind of a hassle, unless you're playing with a group you know. I find it easiest to solo runs because you can chain high, and you don't have to wait for anyone that's afk. Plus, you don't have to deal with annoying people, either.

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