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    Default A bit of info for importing from PSP to PSP2

    I thought about this a while ago, but it never really occured to me how some people still want these little bonuses from importing. If you just want the save data then scroll down to the bottom and click on the link or follow these instructions to getting certain visual mods you want.

    As some of you may know, importing a character from the first game gives you the Exam, the title 'Veteran Guardian' and a visual mod.

    In the save I have, linked at the bottom, includes all 4 races and genders spanning all 8 character slots, with basic clothing;

    I haven't so much touched them after creating them, but even importing a Game Cleared character won't do anything to your personal standing. Only things that will carry over is race, gender and costume currently equipped.

    Steps to importing the character

    And there you go, an imported character from PSP1 along with the title and Exam.

    Visual mods from importing

    If you want a specific visual type just follow this.
    Choose Hunter when importing to get Cosmic Particle C:

    Choose Ranger when importing to get Brightness Circle C:

    Choose Force when importing to get Flower Art C:

    Choose Vanguard when importing to get Whitill Wing C:

    Hopefully, people will be less whiny on how it's unfair that they don't get any special treatment for not getting the first game.

    The following link contains the saved data for US PSP:

    If you have either JP or EU versions of the save and want it on here for others to use PM me with the link to the save and I'll edit this post.
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