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    just asking. for the new versions. which character would be best to use.. cos im gonna get xbox version soon.

    im thinking of fomarl.. cos they seem versatile.. and most of the good players i know r forces.

    on the other hand it could be easier going wif a hucast or hucaseal.

    humars are kinda boring.

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    Let me just elaborate on what you said

    Generally HUman forces are the hardest characters to maintain throughout the game. if you want a challange, go with FOmarl or FOmar. They require more attention than any class.

    As for hunters, well personally I think the HUcaseals kick total ass but im a guy so i tend to choose male characters. The HUcast is just too boring for me because techs like resta i enjoy istead of keep having to go buy mates. That's just my opinion on them. Also its harder for hucast/caseal to level due to no tehcs they have to hit everything with close range or a HG, while other classes have their spreads/techs.

    Challange= Go witha FO characters (Humans) are hardest.

    Want to go the easy way=Grab a HUmar

    Want to slash and dash everything in ur way, go with cast or caseal.

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    Ehm plotting traps is fun!!!

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