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    orochiagito is not a saber? i am dissapoint. =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alisha View Post
    orochiagito is not a saber? i am dissapoint. =/
    Twin Orochi Agito has a single version called True Agito which is a saber

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    There's also the Agito Repca, if you must have it as a sword.

    *Is waiting and wondering if there'll be another announcement soon for the next DLC items to be released, or if we've reached the end of the road for DLC*

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    After several runs and with the reference to the JP wiki, here's a quick and dirty guide for the mission:

    1st sector:

    Number of stones: 2

    2nd sector:

    Number of stones: 7

    3rd sector:

    Number of stones: 9

    After this, in order to obtain the remaining stones, you must take the teleporter to the right instead of the boss portal leading to Yaoroz.

    4th sector:

    Number of stones: 13

    For the remaining three stones, take the middle teleporter in the final room of the sector to reach a bonus area.

    Bonus area:

    Number of stones: 16

    Back in the 4th sector, if you have more than 12 stones, the boss portal to Alterazgohg will become assessable (the boss portal to the left of Sayo).

    Any corrections/clarifications are appreciated/welcomed since I wrote this in a rush. Credits go to the users of the JP wiki and Kowai_Keiji and Emp for running the mission several times with me.
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    How often do people play these GBR missions? The party list appeared to be nothing more than MAi parties when I logged on yesterday afternoon.

    Kudos to you, Emp and Kowai_Keiji for putting that guide together.
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