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    Default LF Save Conversion US>JP
    Thinking of playing the game again. Id like to try PSPo2i if someone could
    covert my save for me.
    PS0: 1462-6752-9093

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    I asked about this a few days ago but got no replies

    Anyway could anyone convert my EU save please, would really appreciate it, thanks

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    Mediafire please .__.
    Also, I'm going to assume you want a EU>JP too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikazuki View Post
    Thank You.
    PS0: 1462-6752-9093

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    I looked into making a tool to do this and it wrecked my head a bit. This is always going to be a manual process as far as I see it. Good luck Mikazuki

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    i think the trouble with converting is more of understanding how the process and the plugin works. Got plenty of practice converting for a few colleges when Infinity came out, plus I'm a little free nowadays so sure why not.

    *cough*just hope a mob doesn't suddenly appear asking for converts D:*cough*

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    If you do get a mob, I could convert any EU requests you get.
    Don't have the US version so I can't do that. ._.
    PSP2: Matt - Male Cast - 16x - HU 15/RA 2/FO 1/VA 30

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    *Joins the mob*

    For whenever you have time! Thanks much!

    *edit* I think I did the link wrong, so I posted an updated one. I'm about as tech savvy as my grandma so I'm sorry if this is still wrong...
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    um, so do you want a JP>US or JP>EU? :x
    When requesting save conversions:
    1) Archive the save file folder (PSP\SAVEDATA\NPJH50043 or ULUS10529 or ULES01439 for JP/US/EU respectively)
    2) Upload to a free file host (MF, MU, etc). File should only be about 500KB+.
    3) State the conversion you want (US>JP or EU>JP, etc)

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