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    Default The 2am im bored sale

    im very impatient when it comes to waiting for stuff to sell so im calling this the 2am sale cause if you cant guess im gonna put these up in 15mins at 2 in the morning for reasonably cheaper than you usually get them for the stuff is gonna be just some 10/10 guns.

    10/10 Inferno stacking it
    10/10 Pakudac have two of them lets say 70mil ea
    10/10 Nasuyoteri 30mil
    10/10 Cubo Tuma 10mil
    10/10 Rattlesnac 20mil
    10/10 Gur Hanab 15 mil

    Some of these prices may i may put lower than what i have put on this post im going to price check them first im just going by prices in my head.

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    whats your room name i want inferno

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    Did you sell the Nas??
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