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    Default Red Barrier and Fire Scepter: Agni

    Am I supposed to combine these two? Do I get an increase from 20% to 40% by doing this? Do I make the upgrade the same way you use and Addslot or Grinder?


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    Red Barrier is to be combined with any of the foie series of Amplifiers or the Amplifier of Red. I am unsure if the effect stacks with Agni.

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    The red barrier needs an amp to merge with it. Equip the barrier and use an amp, as Ketchup says it has to be an amp of Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie or a Red Amp. The spell amps will boost that spell by 30% when merged with the barrier, the red amp will boost all fire spells by 20%. Agni will boost all red techs by 20%. These % are for the normal version of the game, if you are playing BB on a private server they may have editted the %.

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