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    Question Lack of PSO1&2 Bosses?

    Hey all,

    I just registered with the forums, as I actually never knew a huge fan base for PSO existed, until I found this web site! So I had to join!

    My basic question is, I just picked this game up for the GC, and was woundering if the old school bosses from PSO Ep 1&2 are available as cards.

    I am talking about creatures like; Dragon, Del Rol Le, ect ect.

    Are these cards actually in the game? Or did they remove these cards due to not being able to fit them on a square (realistically fit them I guess).

    Also, after reading the FAQ and such, are all cards obtainable offline mode Free Battle with a friend? Or do we both need to play the Story mode to aquire cards?



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    There are only 2 boss cards, and those are the final bosses. The Ep1/2 bosses are not in PSO3.

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    Indeed, no ep1&2 bosses in ep3 unfortunetely. They were never made as ep3 happens about 20 years after ep1&2.

    Anyway as for cards I do believe you can get most in free play. Story mode is basically a single player version so you can pick up the same kind of cards. However, I do know that some cards could only be obtained online through card auctions and downloading them during various events. Also be aware that offline you find cards a lot slower than online. By the time I hit lv50 online I had about 95% of the cards in the game, I'm currently almost lv100 offline and I've still only encountered a couple of S/SS rank cards.

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    ya ep3 kept most the enemiy and weapon cards, they didnt put a few in the game, delsaber being 1 of them. but it replaced the bosses with its own. most likely due to plot reasons. there are 4 boss cards in ep3 that are still very cool and a nice challenge especailly the first time u fight them!

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    there was a few online exclusive quest for cipher and that icey guy that froze on a 3 or higher i forget his name. but iirc those didnt count towards the overall %. and there was them ac cards called unit blows you bought from a npc online. he also had other cards you could buy from him, not so sure if these cards were obtainable in any other way
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    If you play story mode, you will know why PSO EP1&2 bosses cards don't exist in Ep3.

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    It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, although story wise, I suppose it could have happened. It wouldn't have fit much of a use into the story though.


    Imagine if they re-created Gal Gryphon data, and someone summoned one onto the field? Even better, boss VS. boss battles!
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