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    Can someone give an accurate drop rate (percentage) for Pal Rappies for all section IDs, especially Pinkal? I've killed my 7th Pal Rappy, and no Agito, yet -- just more crap. I've heard that it took some people 30 runs for the bastard to drop it! What madness.

    - dys

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    It really depends on the item being dropped. In the case of the AUW 1975 Agito, I think that it has roughly a 10% chance to drop seeing as it can become a 12-star weapon. Similar could be said of the Lavis Cannon and its Redria Pouilly Slime drop rate.

    I'll list my estimates of all the special drops from Pal Rappy. Be aware that these are just estimates and may not be accurate.

    Pal Rappy...
    Bluefull: HP/Revival, 70%
    Greennill: Guard/Wave, 30%
    Oran: Star Amplifier, 30%
    Pinkal: AUW 1975 Agito, 10%
    Purplenum: Sacred Cloth, 30%
    Redria: Red Handgun, 50%
    Skyly: Angel Harp, 30%
    Viridia: Red Scorpio, 50%
    Whitill: Red Partisan, 50%
    Yellowboze: Hero/Ability, 70%

    I posted this in another topic, but I'll repeat it (slightly edited) here. This only applies to rare enemy drops.

    Most 9-star specials: 70% chance
    Most 10-star specials: 50% chance
    Most 11-star specials: 30% chance
    Most 12-star specials: 10% chance

    I say most because there are exceptions. I think that any item that can be later made into another item will be found based on the final form's star rating. For example: a Lavis Cannon is 11-stars. However, it can eventually be made into a Double Cannon which is 12-stars, and therefore is found with a 12-star rating's drop rate. Also, the star rating is not a surefire way to estimate the drop rate of an item. For example: pretty much any 11-star God/* unit will actually drop at a rate of roughly 70%.

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    Wow, these drop rates are sweet. I've been piping for a Sacred Cloth for my Purplenum RAmar, and so far I'm 0-3. I'm 0-7 on my Pinkal FOmarl, whilst my Yellowboze HUcast is 2-2 on Hero/Ability. A 10% drop rate for a 12-star item... man, it better be worth all the trouble.

    Btw, can the true Agito finish monsters off with a single combo? I usually do a weak-strong-strong attack with my HUcast using an ASUKA. I have well over 1900 ATP, and was wondering if the true Agito would allow me to finish a good bit of monsters with one combo.

    - dys

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    Can someone help me find a Pal Rappy (without doing the Fake in Yellow quest)? What is a good place to find a lot of rappies of any kind so I can do the TP trick?

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    You'd probably do more total damage with the Asuka (5 hits) than with the Orochiagito (three hits). A highly noted downside to the Orochiagito is that it cannot have any stats. Even if the default AUW 1975 Agito comes with stats, they will be lost when the weapon is converted. Then there's the fact of the matter that katana-class weapons have a relatively slow and unruly (though cool looking) combo that will almost assuredly get you hit if you didn't kill your target. Of course the same could be said of a paired sword. Both look cool, but both have relatively unreliable combos.

    As for finding Pal Rappies, I'm afraid that Fake in Yellow is really the only way to go. There are no other good piles of rappies in any of the basic maps or other quests.

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    Vulpes, I love you, man. Actually, no, I don't. Your stats were quite accurate. I've been piping for Pal Rappies for about 1 1/2 hrs, and saw three Rappies. The first two, as usual, dropped crap. On my 10th Pal Rappy, it DROPPED my Agito! So, your 10% rating for Pinkal was correct. It was an 11-star item... but it dropped it like it was 12-star. I tekked it to 30% Machine and 30% Dark, but when I converted it to OROCHI-AGITO, I lost all my damn percents on it!

    Ah, well. It looks pretty good, and it does some pretty sick damage (nearly 600 with a hard hit). I think I'll stick to my ASUKA, though. It's a far better killing machine. I love my Agito, though!

    - dys

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    Can you teck something and then say no, enter a new game and tek again to get different % or will it be the same?

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    Unidentified weapons are set within a +/- 10% range. Every tekker can identify every weapon within that range randomly. For example: if the original weapon had 25% the tekker's range will be between 15% and 35%. If the weapon has more than one stat they will all go up or down simultaneously. A default of 0% cannot change, however.

    And yes, you can say no and redo it over and over 'til you get the % you want.

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    Yesterday I finally saw a Pal Rappy for the 1st time EVER (didn't see one on DC nor an Al Rappy, til recently). Anyway, the 1st one gave me crap (I HATE RAPPIES!). It gave me a damn Freeze Barrier. Then, I got another one in the next room (this is all using the TP trick btw). It dropped a Sacred Cloth (1 slot). I was so happy (still am ). Better than nothing & I could use the armor. I'm not lvl 144 yet though...

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    yr lucky to get the agito so quikly. Mine took 23 pal rappies.

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