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    Default Bot/PM building help.

    I started to make a healer...

    Production level 7
    Strk 6
    Rng 0
    Tech 1
    Armor 0

    I read online its like 11 strk 9 tech something like that but I think it'd be more enjoyable if my partner bot was out there kicking ass with me and I could load up on dimates and trimates anyway. Right now I'm level 20, ive given my bots stats. Meseta isn't a problem, so doing a bunch of C rank missions and picking up swords seems like the slower less ideal option, right? What are the best things to just buy, or should I not waste my meseta? (I have 15M)

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    The best thing to do is to just get it to any form at level 80 so you can start raising its BSt.(this stat goes up as you complete missions with you PM); cheap, high star clothes like kouze shoes can raise the armor stat pretty fast. I believe one of the better healers is the the GH450 line, so you can either get your bot to 30+ TECH, or use a EX Device GH45x at BSt. 30.

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    Cool thanks! This is a noob question that I'll eventually figure out but can it get "full" or can you just keep feeding it?

    edit: also... feeding the hell out of it - getting it to 80. What will it do? Just a bit of everything? (heal, strike, etc) what it's the highest level in? I dont know exactly what's going on now that I'm not maknig a striking 'pure'
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    You can only feed it 100 items in a 12 hour period. The stats that it displays when you feed it are only relevant to item synthesis and have no bearing on combat; combat is completely determined by its model (
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    Ok so do you think the fastest way is clothes? Because I am going to make sure I give it all 100 items every 12 hours and get it to 80 as fast as possible... cheapest way is not in my concern. I can spend a lot but I still dont want to dump away 15M lol.

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    100 10 star kouze shoes (1000 meseta each) will net you 22 levels. So to get to 80 it will take less than 400,000 meseta.
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    level 80 in 2 days? sweet. and I can always buy ex devices to change what it is. Hmmm.. ideal for me? Ex device GH "420" lol. Well thanks. Wish I woulda started this 2 days ago.

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    I'm sorry for post linking, I'm new here and I didn't look here first which was my bad.
    If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

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