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Thread: Need PSO2 Help

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    Default Need PSO2 Help

    I keep getting an Error message saying something about my SEGA ID when I try to connect to a ship. I took a screenshot but I don't know how to post them so if someone can tell me I will post it.

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    You can use to post images, go on their website, and it should be easy to make a quick account and upload the image. It also has a format you can copy/paste into the thread for view.

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    Me too, it's normal. All my friends are getting them too. Just be patient.

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    Error 601 >.< I NEED to play now.

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    Okay so this is what I get, although it seems to be common so maybe this thread was useless :3

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    Make sure your username is lower cased. Believe 602 is wrong username.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiroMatic View Post

    Okay so this is what I get, although it seems to be common so maybe this thread was useless :3
    Make sure you're typing your password and ID in correctly.

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    Alright it was me being dumb and getting my username mixed up with a different account LOL thx for all the help

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    Can i still sign up? cause i cant read my errors & maybe i am typing my id wrong or maybe i never had an ID to begin with since i cant read my error. SO if there is a way i can sign up to play please send me a link. Thank you

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    Hey is it possible to change your player ID once you enter one? I effed up and put my password...

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