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    Default Master Story Thread

    Noticed that all of the links from google mostly point to this page. Also I have the first post, so I can keep it updated since RocSage hasn't shown up in a long time. Also managing nested spoiler-boxes is a huge pain; I'm making a clean version <-here. Still a work in progress so lots of broken links. Will try to update very soon.




    Story Missions
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    Wow this is nice... now I can feel a bit more involved with the story

    Thank you for doing this!

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    Nice work! Great to have something to go by and not have to wrack my brains trying to translate. Keep it up, please!

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    Added to the floating sticky.
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    Thank you so much for this! This is a great help for those interested in the story.
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    Thank you for committing to continue updating this, I was hoping you would return.

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    Thanks from me as well, I'm also pretty interested in the story.
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    Okay, translated the story added by Vash, but GOOD GOD MAN THE TEXT IS TINY!!!! Might consider changing the interface size in your game setting.

    As for the new character, I called him 'grey' in the subtitles until as your character doesn't learn his name until the end of the conversation. Anyone have any idea on what the spelling on his name should be ゲットムルト様? "Ghetmurt"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kion View Post
    Anyone have any idea on what the spelling on his name should be ゲットムルト様? "Ghetmurt"?
    That's not a bad suggestion. My first thought was "Ghetto Murt", simply because I couldn't come up with anything that came close to a name.

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    Default Just wanted to say

    At the very beginning, when you encounter the monkey looking thing (first encounter) 原生種 means "Native Species". Just saying.



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