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    Exclamation Guides & Walkthroughs sticky (Update 1/30/16)

    This will serve as the master sticky for the Gameplay, Guides & Walkthroughs forum. This will be expanded and updated as time goes on.

    *If you feel someone has created a well done, useful guide and believe it would be useful to the community, then please message myself or another moderator about adding it to this sticky. It will be reviewed and taken under consideration.
    HUGE THANKS to the community for making this plethora of guides!

    General guides and Translations:
    -Beginner's introduction to PSO2
    -SPOILERS- Story translation thread
    -Pet Menus / Pet Lab / Tekker Translated
    -How to turn off the UI for screenshots
    -My Shop tutorial
    -VisiPhone + My Shop menu guide
    -Auction House guide
    -Menu Interface Translation Project (includes client orders!)
    -Emote and Chat Bubble Reference Guide
    -Weapon/Armor Affix translations
    -The Official Build Thread
    -Translated Gameplay videos
    -How to buy Arcs/Arks Cash (AC)

    -Massive Mag Guide and Info
    -Level 100 mags info
    -Banjo's Mag Guide

    Items and Gameplay:
    -MLG pet candies description
    -Arksenth's Guide for Poor People to Make Meseta
    -Zeig's Crafting Client Orders (COs) - EP3
    -5-fodder Affixing Guide
    -A Guide to Setting Up Friend Partners (mostly updated for Ep3)
    -A Guide to Setting Up Support Partners
    -Challenge Quest 1
    -Challenge Quest 2

    Classes and Builds :
    -The Official Build Thread (class info and guides included)
    -The Official Build Thread 2.0 - Electric Boogaloo
    -The Official Build Thread: Episode 3 - Reboots, Rebalance, and Reprisal, oh my!
    -Summoner Q&A: Beginner Guide and General Information
    - no hu main guide
    -(A Comprehensive Ranger Guide/Discussion)
    -Force Discussion (Needs cleanup/guide)
    -Fighter Dicussion (Needs cleanup/guide)
    -Gunner Stuff Discussion™
    -Techer Guide 2.0
    -Braver Discussion (Needs cleanup/guide/update)
    -Bouncer Discussion (needs guide)
    -qoxolg and Arksenth's Guide on Melee TE!
    -On the Art of Gunslashery: Gunslash Guide/Discussion

    EQ Guides:
    -Dark Falz+Loser EQ (Also Loser tips for XH)
    -Magatsu EQ
    -Mining Base EQ Guide & Information
    -TD2: Intrusion EQ
    -TD3: Despair EQ

    Misc. Guides:
    -Affixing Assistant/Simulator
    -Skill Simulator
    -A Simplistic Guide to Affix Transfer
    -All About PSEs and Bursts
    -Extend & Technique Customize Achievements
    -Survival Japanese - Basic Phrases for Communication you can copy and paste
    -Retrieving Your Closed/Pre Open Beta Rewards
    -Force Ambient Occlusion for PSO2 on NVidia cards
    -How to Sign up and Install PSO2
    -A video guide to dashing (old)
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