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    Default The Chaos Rappy's Nest Egg

    August 25, 2013 Edit: New updated look! Everything is up for trade, at a cost, but just as well, almost anything can be free either! Just ask nicely, and I'll see what I can manage, if it's something I'd be willing to let go. ;P


    * = Weapon is fully grinded (if applicable) and Photon Fortified
    [Target+1] = weapon can hit 1 more enemy than other weapons of its type
    .....................(example: White Disaster can hit two enemies instead of just one like normal Rods)
    [Target=1] = denotes a weapon whose type NORMALLY hits more than one enemy, but the weapon listed can only hit one at a time,
    .....................even with their Photon Art (the Akatsuki Fu/In are the only weapons known to have this effect)
    xMANY = an item that is constantly obtained and currently more than 5 of which is owned, and therefore a solid number
    ...............will not be assigned due to laziness for editing everytime one is obtained

    ~~~~~Wants (what few I actually have left)~~~~~

    ---Lv5 Alias w/ PA (any) <potential offer from Norco>
    ---Lv3 Klau Solas w/ Over End
    ---Lv3 (41+% Machine) Grand Chariot/Eclamasach w/ Hopping Run
    ---Lv4 Kerykeion w/ Rolling Bar OR Rodeo Drive
    ---RAPPY SOULS!!! (I may have over 1000, but I still love them! )

    ~~~~~What's New (Updated August 31st, 2013)~~~~~


    <to be added later>

    Rage Tonfa+30, 37% Beast, Air Ride (Esmerelda Equip)
    CelebLv1 Kerykeion, 17/39/32/0/0, Rolling Bar (Esmerelda Equip)
    SoulLv3 Ainsraiffe, Over End
    SouLv4 Gallanhorne, 43% Machine, Rolling Bar
    Emperor Axeon, 0/25/38/0/0, Heat Lv3, Earth Bullet
    X Lv3 Neidaryl+10, 46% Native, Earth Bullet
    HeatLv3 Neidaryl, 39% Dark, Bullet Dance
    DarkLv3 Blue Bulletta, 33/42/0/0/0, Cool Style
    PP Recovery Lv4 x2

    [Rappy Souls]


    ~~~~~Equipped Items (will require valuable trade offers)~~~~~

    Alice (FOmarl):
    (All confirmed)

    IceLv2 Twinkle Star+50, 14/38/28/0/0, Force Ride
    HeavenLv4 Luzparias+10, Cross Rave
    Crimsonfield+60, 0/43/0/38/0, Heart Lv2, Barrier Shift
    *HeavenLv5 Iros+20, 15% Machine, Linear Shake
    HeatLv5 Blaze Roar+25, 37/0/0/43/43, Bull Smash
    HeatLv5 Blaze Roar+25, 45/0/44/0/19, Bull Smash
    IceLv5 Crysta Hulse, 37/45/0/44/0, Barrier Shift
    IceLv5 Crysta Hulse, 22/25/21/40/0, Barrier Shift
    *HeavenLv5 Rouge Pulse+10, 49% Dark, Quick Draw
    HeartLv3 Rouge Pulse, 36% Beast, Flame Hit
    Emperor Axeon+30, 0/18/44/0/38, Heat Lv3, Earth Bullet
    HeavenLv1 Grifone+40, 28/38/33/0/34, Cool Style
    HeartLv3 Blue Bulleta, 0/39/35/37/0, Acro-Step
    HeavenLv3 Crimson Vis+30, Cool Style
    Calamity Soul+30, 28% Machine, Rolling Bar
    White Disaster+20, 37% Machine, Heaven Lv1 [Target+1], Rolling Bar
    Al Azif+10, 0/0/31/11/42, Soul Lv3, Magical Sign
    CelebLv5 Alice Olivia+10, 33/0/32/0/0, Magical Sign
    HeavenLv5 Alice Olivia+10, 0/0/33/0/44, Magical Sign
    Nintendo Power+50, 23/29/0/0/0, Stun Lv3, Magical Sign
    Starlight+20, 15/0/23/0/0, Dark Lv3, Act Trick
    Zero Cane, 48% Dark, Magical Sign
    CelebLv3 Eridanus+30, 30% Machine, Bright Sign
    HeavenLv1 Eridanus+30, 21% Beast, Bright Sign
    *Kouga Shuriken+30, 64% Native, Dark Lv3, Bright Sign
    Shinobi Suit 4S
    Noble Cloak 4S
    Ancient Robe 4S
    Spirit Garb 4S
    PP Recovery Lv5
    Element Boost
    Heat/Ice/Stun/Light/Dark/Slow Protects
    Compress PA <not trading>
    PA Save Lv3
    Tech Save Lv3

    (Red) Lassi, 100 MIND, Flozir, Fickle
    (Blue) Chato, 1 POW/99 MIND, Granir, Fickle
    (Purple) Rappy, 100 MIND, Flozir, Fickle

    Starscream (RAcast):
    (All confirmed)

    *CelebLv3 Grand Chariot+30, 19/17/48/25/37, Hopping Run
    Clair Doubles+20, 0/36/0/0/16, Celeb Lv2, Cyclone Run [RESERVED FOR MEGA]
    *[Life Lv5] Zero Rifle, 0/31/0/15/15, Flame Hit
    *[MesetaLv2]H44 Missouri+20, 39/58/0/0/0, Flame Hit
    *Garland Drei+30, 0/31/0/56/45, DrawLv2, Mine Sneak
    HeavenLv5 Lavateinn+30, 37/0/0/41/0, Wipeout
    *CelebLv4 Lavateinn+30, 63% Dark, Mine Sneak
    *Yasminkov M95+30, 30/0/22/45/0, StunLv4, Hollow Snipe
    CelebLv3 Naglering+25, 42% Dark, Earth Bullet
    *CelebLv3 Naglering+25, 60/0/0/0/18, Earth Bullet
    CelebLv3 Frigiand+30, 38/17/0/0/0, Earth Bullet
    *CelebLv3 Frigiand+30, 60/0/20/40/0, Bullet Dance
    CelebLv3 Frigiand+30, 43 Hit, Earth Bullet
    *Celesta Laser+20, 0/24/42/60/0, ChaosLv3, Bullet Dance
    Twin Psychoguns+30, 0/0/22/0/15, Soul Lv3, Cool Style
    *[HeatLv2]Riverman Missouri+45, 0/0/0/60/0, Cool Style
    *[LightLv2]Riverman Missouri+45, 0/0/65/0/0, Cool Style
    CelebLv4 Yellow Sun+30, 39/20/0/30/13, Crush Bomb
    *Canon Bleu+30, 0/28/44/0/0, Ice Lv5, Crush Bomb
    CelebLv4 Nemesis+35, 0/0/32/14/39, Crush Bomb
    Tartaros Cannon+20, 44/42/17/0/0, IceLv3, Divine Ray
    *CelebLv3 Gallatin+10, 0/0/0/65/0, Bio-Panic
    Kepler Suit 4S
    Mobius Plate 4S
    Noble Cloak 4S
    Milias Frame 4S
    Eleanor Frame 4S
    PP Recovery Lv5
    Element Boost
    Heat/Ice/Stun/Light/Slow Protects
    PA Save Lv3
    Compress PA [hacked, will not trade]

    (Blue) Hagal, 58/21/21/0, Flozir, Fickle
    (Blue) Radam, 100 POW, Flozir, Fickle
    (Blue) Arkharz, 100 POW, Midgul, Melancholy

    Sapphire (HUnewearl):
    (All confirmed)

    *Blue Saber+30, 62% Dark, HeartLv1 [Target+1], Cross Rave
    [LifeLv5] Zero Saber, Zeta Cutlass
    *Tonfa+60, 62% Dark, IceLv2, Air Ride
    *CelebLv4 Foie Haze+10, 30/34/23/25/19, Air Ride
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 39/52/36/9/15, Bite Stamp <Paru>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 0/22/0/58/42, Bite Stamp <Shrine 1>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 0/0/0/60/42, Serpent Air <Shrine 2>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 35/34/30/40/35, Bite Stamp <GODLY HADAN>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 65% Native, Bite Stamp <Reyburn 1>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 65% Native, Serpent Air <Reyburn 2>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 65% Beast, Bite Stamp <Octo/Hildes/Rohs>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 65% Machine, Bite Stamp <C&M/Humilias 1>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 65% Machine, Serpent Air <C&M/Humilias 2>
    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 65% Dark, Bite Stamp <MT/Falz>
    *CelebLv4 Iros+20, 65% Beast, Bull Smash
    HeavenLv5 Iros+20, 40 Hit, Bull Smash
    *CelebLv3 Morgenlote+10, 38/0/30/48/25, Tornado Dance <Shrine>
    *CelebLv3 Morgenlote+10, 36/47/24/0/31, Tornado Dance <ULTIMATE Paru>
    *CelebLv3 Morgenlote+10, 0/0/65/0/0, Tornado Dance <C&M/Arca>
    Twin Brand+40, 0/21/0/38/16, IceLv3, Tornado Dance
    Clair Doubles+20, Celeb Lv2, Million Rave
    *CelebLv3 Rems Romulus+40, 60/0/0/17/0, Million Rave
    *CelebLv3 Gigas Romulus+30, 0/0/8/30/0, Million Rave
    *LifeLv1 Rouge Pulse+10, 0/54/36/36/33, Flame Hit (159% total D: )
    *CelebLv5 Rouge Pulse+10, 44/0/0/0/15, Thriller Combo
    *CelebLv3 Neidaryl+10, 44/15/41/10/0, Earth Bullet
    Clear Scissor Twins+10, 19/0/0/20/0, Ice Lv3, Cool Style
    Calamity Soul+30, 26% Dark, RiskLv1, Rodeo Drive
    Crescent Cast+30, 39 Hit, DrawLv3, Rodeo Drive
    Maisen+30, 0/0/57/0/30, IceLv3, Bright Sign
    *CelebLv3 Sky Survey+15, 0/0/0/54/36, Bright Sign
    *CelebLv3 Trois Souther+20, 0/0/48/25/0, Bright Sign
    Rika's Suit 4S
    Hunter Shell 4S
    Noble Cloak 4S
    PP Recovery Lv5
    Element Boost
    Heat/Ice/Stun/Light/Dark/Slow Protects
    PA Save Lv3
    Tech Save Lv3
    Compress PA <hacked, will not trade>
    (Red) Rappy, 100 MIND, Flozir, Fickle
    (Blue) Rappy, 100 POW, Flozir, Fickle <AZUROTH, KING OF AR RAPPIES>
    (Yellow) Rappy, 50 HIT/50 MIND, Flozir, Breezy
    (Green) Rappy, 50 POW/50 HIT, Flozir, Fickle
    (Purple) Rappy, 50 POW/50 MIND, Midgul, Fickle

    Esmerelda (FOnewearl):
    (All confirmed)

    *[DarkLv2]Twinkle Star+50, 0/0/0/65/0, Force Ride
    CelebLv4 Featherhand+20, 0/23/0/0/34, Air Ride
    Rage Tonfa+30, 37% Beast, Air Ride
    HeartLv4 Acegalda+15, Bull Smash
    CelebLv5 Acegalda, 36/0/0/0/34, Barrier Shift
    Emeraldfield+10, 29/20/26/42/17, Draw Lv3, Barrier Shift
    Mellow Ice Beam, 0/0/0/45/22, Ice Lv3, Sector Line
    Pretty Parasol, 0/37/45/0/0, Draw Lv2, Beat Quake
    Witch Broom+70, 0/40/42/10/0, Slow Lv2, Rolling Bar
    Calamity Soul+30, Risk LV1, Rodeo Drive
    CelebLv1 Kerykeion+10, 17/39/32/0/0, Rolling Bar
    CelebLv4 Alice Olivia+10, 15% Beast, Magical Sign
    IceLv4 Alice Olivia, Magical Sign
    *Emerald Tablet+50, 64% Machine, X Lv2, Magical Sign
    Bright Moon+50, Light Lv2, Funny Dive
    Dumbbell+70, 50% Dark, Life Lv3, Act Trick
    Noble Cloak 4S
    Pizza Box 4S
    Spirit Garb 4S
    Element Boost
    Heat / Ice / Stun / Light / Dark / Slow Protects
    PP Recovery Lv5
    PA Save Lv3
    Tech Save Lv3
    Divine/Mind x2
    (Blue) Beork, 0/25/25/50, Flozir, Fickle
    [Not listed: several hacked variants of lowbie green weapons, i.e. Alias, Featherhand, Sasarai, etc.]


    + in front of item = CONFIRMED OWNED (If no "+" is to the left of the item, it may not be in my stock)

    ABOVE = Cart 1
    BELOW = Cart 2



    +*CelebLv5 Anfinsen+35, 42/0/42/42/0, Zeta Cutlass
    +*CelebLv5 Stormer+10, 62% Machine, Force Ride
    +*CelebLv5 Luzparias+10, 40% Dark, Zeta Cutlass
    +ZalureLv5 Luzparias+10, Force Ride
    +*CelebLv5 Luzparias+10, 50% Beast, Cross Rave
    +Harisen+70, 45/37/42/0/0, Light Lv1, Force Ride
    +Harisen, 0/44/38/31/0, Light Lv1, Force Ride
    +Goof Swatter, 45/29/0/0/0, Chaos Lv2, Force Ride
    +Red Saber+40, 0/0/0/34/0, Draw Lv1 [Target+1], Force Ride
    +White Saber, Risk Lv2 [Target+1], Cross Rave
    Lavis Kanon+40, 0/32/0/24/0, Soul Lv3 [Target+1], Force Ride {Issued to: Nidera}
    +[Stun Lv4] Zero Saber, 0/0/0/0/38, Force Ride
    +Eclipse Star+50, 0/0/0/36/34, Light Lv5, Cross Rave
    +*[HeartLv1] Eclipse Star+50, 0/0/52/31/0, Force Ride
    +*[LifeLv1] Eclipse Star+50, 0/0/0/15/0, Cross Rave
    +CelebLv4 Anfinsen+35, 49% Dark, Force Ride
    +ZalureLv5 Anfinsen+35, 19/0/0/16/25, Cross Rave
    +HeartLv5 Anfinsen+35, Cross Rave
    +Red Saber+40, 17/0/0/28/0, Draw Lv1 [Target+1], Zeta Cutlass
    +Red Saber+40, 31% Dark, Draw Lv1 [Target+1], Zeta Cutlass
    +Blue Saber, Heart Lv1 [Target+1], Cross Rave
    +ZalureLv5 Anfinsen+35, 0/0/0/0/49, Zeta Cutlass
    +[Stun Lv1] Twinkle Star, 36/40/0/0/30, Zeta Cutlass
    +[Stun Lv2] Twinkle Star+50, 0/19/36/0/0, Force Ride
    +*[HeartLv1] Twinkle Star+50, 0/47/0/38/0, Cross Rave


    +LifeLv3 Ainsraiffe+30, 40/0/23/20/0, Dynamo Spin
    +CelebLv3 Ainsraiffe, 26/0/0/44/0, Sonic Raid
    +*CelebLv3 Ainsraiffe+30, 56% Native, Over End
    +DarkLv1 Ainsraiffe, 46% Native, Over End
    +Eghesachs+60, 0/0/0/23/24, Light Lv3, Sonic Raid
    +Gale Bringer+40, 29% Machine, Stun Lv3, Sonic Raid
    *Hocho+30, 0/45/40/40/0, Over End
    +[HeartLv3] Milias Sword+30, 0/35/18/0/0, Sonic Raid
    +[IceLv2] Hocho+30, 0/0/0/29/41
    +SlowLv3 Zahhak, 46% Native, Over End
    +Eghesachs+60, 42% Machine, Light Lv3, Sonic Raid
    +[Ice Lv2] Hocho, 21% Beast, Over End
    +[Dark Lv2] Hocho, 44% Native, Over End
    +[Heat Lv2] Hocho, 0/0/42/22/0, Over End
    +HeatLv3 Klau Solas, Dynamo Spin
    +[Stun Lv2] Hocho, 32% Native, Over End


    +*CelebLv4 Fenrir+35, 65% Native, Reverse Kill
    +*CelebLv4 Fenrir, 64% Machine, Reverse Kill
    +*CelebLv4 Foie Haze+10, 50% Machine, Air Ride
    +HeavenLv4 Foie Haze+10, 20 Hit, Air Ride [if traded, Heaven will be removed]
    +8-Ouncer+80, 30/0/0/0/45 Hit, X Lv1, Reverse Kill
    +Bloody Gimlet+40, Draw Lv3 [Target+1], Air Ride
    +Bloody Gimlet+40, 0/0/24/31/26, Draw Lv3 [Target+1], Air Ride
    +*Bloody Gimlet+40, 40/0/0/0/36, Draw Lv3 [Target+1], Air Ride
    +Tonfa+60, 33% Beast, IceLv2, Air Ride
    +Tonfa, IceLv2, Air Ride
    +8-Ouncer+80, 0/0/0/40/41, X Lv1, Reverse Kill
    +Hollow Gimlet+10, 18% Dark, Dark Lv1 [Target+1], Huge Cross
    +8-Ouncer+80, 38/36/14/0/16, X Lv1, Reverse Kill
    +8-Ouncer+80, 47 Hit, X Lv1, Reverse Kill
    +Hollow Gimlet+10, Dark Lv1 [Target+1], Huge Cross
    +RiskLv4 Foie Haze+10, 0/0/30/0/0, Air Ride
    +Tonfa+60, 0/0/0/0/30, Ice Lv2, Air Ride


    +HeatLv3 Ecalamasach, 0/15/36/0/23, Speed Rain
    +LifeLv3 Eclamasach+20, 34% Beast, Hopping Run
    +DrawLv3 Eclamasach, Speed Rain
    +StunLv2 Grand Chariot, 38/36/0/0/40, Speed Rain
    +CelebLv3 Grand Chariot, 26/0/0/0/24, Spear Rider
    +RiskLv3 Grand Chariot+30, 20/0/31/0/26, Spear Rider
    +CelebLv3 Grand Chariot+30, 0/53/0/0/32, Speed Rain
    +Dragon Horn+30, 44/0/42/0/39, Heat Lv3, Hopping Run
    +Sweet Berry+70, 11/0/38/14/0, Jell Lv3 (No PA)
    +Sweet Berry+70, 48 Hit, Jell Lv3, Spear Rider
    +Bitter Berry, 42% Dark, Zalure Lv3, Spear Rider
    +Bitter Berry, 22% Machine, Zalure Lv3, Hopping Run
    +Hemera Drill+30, 50 Hit, ZalureLv2, Speed Rain
    +Hemera Drill, 38/0/44/0/0, Zalure Lv2, Speed Rain
    +Hemera Drill, 0/41/0/44/0, Zalure Lv2, Speed Rain
    +Selvaria's Spear+30, 37% Native, Jell Lv3, Speed Rain
    +Scarred Horn, 36/35/0/0/25, Heat Lv2, Speed Rain
    +CelebLv3 Abraham+25, 0/0/40/0/37, Speed Rain
    +Sweet Berry, 39% Machine, Jell Lv3, Speed Rain
    +Bitter Berry, Zalure Lv3, Spear Rider
    +Bitter Berry, 0/0/33/0/34, Zalure Lv3, no PA
    +Mobius Drill, 0/41/44/41/0, Stun Lv1, Spear Rider
    +Selvaria's Spear+30, 37% Native, Jell Lv3, Speed Rain
    +Dragon Horn+30, 7/18/14/13/19, Heat Lv3, Speed Rain
    +Sweet Berry+70, 39% Native, Jell Lv3, Speed Rain


    +LightLv4 Adoralphs, 31% Machine, Bite Stamp
    +CelebLv4 Adoralphs+20, 0/24/0/15/41, Bite Stamp
    +CelebLv4 Adoralphs+20, 24/0/24/32/0, Bite Stamp
    +Orgaclaw+10, 15/0/0/0/0, Ice Lv3, Bite Stamp
    +Diabolic Gauntlet+50, 0/27/0/35/0, Slow Lv4, Slide End
    +Phantasma Gauntlet+30, 0/0/43/36/27, Heaven Lv3, Slide End
    +Pinky Hand+40, Heart Lv2, Slide End
    +Pinky Hand+40, 41/32/12/0/0, Heart Lv2, Slide End
    +Diabolic Gauntlet+50, 37 Hit, Slow Lv4, Slide End
    +ZalureLv4 Adoralphs+20, 0/0/34/30/0, Bite Stamp
    +Pinky Hand, 30% Beast, Heart Lv2, Slide End
    +CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 7/34/13/11/26, Serpent Air
    +LifeLv4 Adoralphs+20, 0/0/0/21/42, Bite Stamp
    +DarkLv4 Hadan Bite, 24/32/37/0/18, Bite Stamp
    +DarkLv4 Hadan Bite, 0/0/43/0/40, Bite Stamp
    +DarkLv4 Hadan Bite, 0/45/45/0/0, Serpent Air
    +DarkLv4 Hadan Bite, 45/42/0/20/0, Bite Stamp


    +HeatLv4 Iros+20, 0/31/0/13/45, Bull Smash
    +RiskLv4 Iros, 0/36/30/0/0, Linear Shake
    +HeatLv5 Blaze Roar, 0/40/37/28/0, Bull Smash
    +IceLv5 Crysta Hulse, 37/41/0/0/18, Barrier Shift
    +[LifeLv3] Lieucon Stihl+60, Barrier Shift
    +Schwarz Stihl+50, 0/42/0/43/0, Bull Smash
    +*[Stun Lv4] Vanguard+40, 0/56/0/0/23, Linear Shake
    +Ajax+30, 10/0/16/0/29, Linear Shake
    +Selvaria's Shield+50, 37% Native, X Lv3, Bull Smash
    +Tatami Mat, 34% Native, Risk Lv1, Bull Smash
    +HeatLv5 Helion Roar, 39/42/0/0/37, Bull Smash
    +Scarred Tatami+50, 33% Dark, Risk Lv2, Barrier Shift
    +Scarred Tatami+50, 41 Hit, Risk Lv1, Barrier Shift
    +Scarred Tatami+50, 24% Machine, Risk Lv2, Barrier Shift
    +HeatLv5 Blaze Roar, 29/13/0/38/0, Bull Smash
    +IceLv5 Jade Hulse, 0/0/31/31/0, Barrier Shift
    +IceLv5 Crysta Hulse, 43/0/38/0/0, Barrier Shift
    +Tatami Mat+70, 48% Machine, Risk Lv1, Bull Smash
    +Scarred Tatami+50, 0/0/43/0/40, Risk Lv2, Barrier Shift
    +Selvaria's Shield, 0/24/26/0/0, X Lv3, Bull Smash
    +Tatami Mat+70, 0/0/31/41/0, Risk Lv1, Bull Smash
    +[HeatLv1] Lieucon Stihl, Barrier Shift


    +CelebLv3 Avenlote+20, 18/0/0/45/0, Tornado Dance
    +ZalureLv3 Avenlote+20, 0/28/31/0/10, Tornado Dance
    +Mehrennenka, 34/0/22/35/30, Cyclone Run
    +CelebLv3 Mehrennenka+10, 42/0/25/29/0, Tornado Dance
    +*CelebLv3 Mehrennenka+10, 41/51/0/0/0, Million Rave
    +CelebLv3 Morgenlote, 32% Beast, Tornado Dance
    +HeatLv3 Morgenlote+10, 0/0/0/31/38, Tornado Dance
    +XLv1 Romulus+50, Million Rave
    +Stag Cutlery, 24/0/16/0/0, Light Lv2, Tornado Dance
    +Stag Cutlery, 0/0/0/50/0, Light Lv2, Cyclone Run
    +Stag Cutlery, 0/0/43/0/0, Light Lv2, Tornado Dance
    +Doppel Scythe+10, 0/17/0/0/44, Risk Lv1, Tornado Dance
    +Chronos Scythe+30, 19% Beast, Slow Lv3, Tornado Dance [Lv3 Slow is the rare version]
    +Chronos Scythe+30, 30 Hit, Slow Lv1, Tornado Dance
    +Ashveins+60, 0/0/0/39/44, Stun Lv2, Million Rave
    +*Dioskuroi+40, 0/56/0/11/34, Jell Lv3, Million Rave
    +Dioskuroi+40, 0/36/30/0/35, Jell Lv3, Million Rave
    +Dioskuroi+40, 0/22/28/30/24, Jell Lv3, Million Rave
    +Binary Saber+10, HeartLv1, Tornado Dance
    +StunLv3 Morgenlote+10, 0/0/0/22/25, Tornado Dance
    +DarkLv3 Morgenlote, 29/0/0/31/0, Tornado Dance
    +Ashviens+60, 35/0/42/0/0, Stun Lv2, Million Rave
    +Gigas Romulus, 34 Hit, Million Rave
    +LifeLv3 Morgenlote+10, Tornado Dance
    +Ashveins+60, 49% Machine, Stun Lv2, Million Rave
    +*CelebLv1 Romulus+50, 15% Native, Million Rave
    +LifeLv1 Gigas Romulus+30, 15% Dark, Million Rave



    +HeartLv5 Kleingold+35, Flame Hit
    +ZalureLv4 Rouge Pulse+10, 43/44/35/0/0, Quick Draw
    +CelebLv5 Tachyon Gun, Thriller Combo
    +*CelebLv4 Rouge Pulse+10, 0/55/11/0/17, Flame Hit
    +N-Tathlam+20, 0/0/26/42/0, Heat Lv5, Quick Draw
    +N-Tathlam+20, 30/0/39/0/0, Heat Lv5, Quick Draw
    +*N-Tathlam+20, 0/0/65/0/0, Heat Lv5, Quick Draw
    +*Zero Rifle, 0/0/58/0/30, Flame Hit
    + [SlowLv3] Zero Rifle, 24/0/0/45/0, Flame Hit
    +*[IceLv3] H10 Missouri+30, 59/14/0/0/22, Flame Hit
    +*H44 Missouri+20, 65/0/0/0/0, Thriller Combo
    +Rouge Pulse, 27 Hit, Flame Hit
    +Rouge Pulse, 38/0/0/0/35, Flame Hit
    +Grow Shower, 45 Hit, X Lv1, Quick Draw {Falz comboing}
    +Grow Shower, 45 Hit, X Lv1, Quick Draw {Falz comboing}
    +Grow Shower, 45 Hit, X Lv1, Quick Draw {Falz comboing}
    +Grow Shower, 45 Hit, X Lv1, Quick Draw {Falz comboing}
    +Parpua+50, 42/0/34/22/0, Dark Lv2, Quick Draw
    +HeatLv4 Kleingold+35, 50% Machine, Flame Hit [RESERVED FOR MEGA]
    +CelebLv5 Tachyon Gun, Thriller Combo
    +[DarkLv1] H10 Missouri+30, 25/0/0/0/37, Thriller Combo


    +Phobos Shoot, 45/0/44/12/0, Slow Lv3, Hollow Snipe
    +Black Phobos, 13/30/27/11/0, Ice Lv3, Wipeout
    +Garland Drei+30, 15/22/29/0/0, Draw Lv2, Mine Sneak
    +Garland Drei, 30/0/29/39/0, Draw Lv2, Mine Sneak
    +Heimdal+10, 0/0/0/0/44, Jell Lv3, Wipeout
    +Curse Answerer+20, ZalureLv4, Hollow Snipe
    +*[HeartLv3] M14 Missouri+20, 62/0/0/0/0, Hollow Snipe
    +[IceLv2] Missouri CX4+70, 0/0/31/0/42, Mine Sneak
    +[IceLv3] Missouri RX4+60, Wipeout
    +Garland Drei, 0/18/0/35/0, Draw Lv2, Mine Sneak
    +Garland Zwei, 0/0/0/35/35, DrawLv2, Hollow Snipe
    +[HeatLv2] Missouri CX4+70, 35/13/0/0/31, Hollow Snipe


    +HeatLv3 Frigiand, 18 Hit, Earth Bullet [RESERVED FOR MEGA]
    +LifeLv3 Neidaryl, 0/0/0/18/44, Impact Zero
    +*Celesta Laser+20, 0/0/61/0/0, Chaos Lv3, Earth Bullet
    +Axeon+10, 0/45/0/19/0, Heat Lv3, Earth Bullet
    +Lord Axeon+20, 0/0/44/27/0, Heat Lv3, Earth Bullet
    +Emperor Axeon+30, 16/0/0/42/25, Heat Lv3, Earth Bullet
    +Blade Cannon+40, 0/0/0/23/34, Heat Lv1, Earth Bullet
    +Sonic Laser+10, 26% Dark, Zalure Lv2, Earth Bullet
    +Karakasa Jikomi+70, 0/20/24/0/24, Heat Lv2, Earth Bullet


    +CelebLv3 Blackhawk+35, 34/0/35/26/0, Cool Style
    +X Lv1 Crimson Vis, 35 Hit, Cool Style
    +Clear Scissor Twins+10, 0/0/41/25/0, Ice Lv3, Cool Style
    +Clear Scissor Twins+10, 30/23/0/0/0, Ice Lv3, Acro-Step
    +Scissor Mech Guns+10, 41% Dark, Dark Lv3, Cool Style
    +HeartLv3 Blackhawk+35, 27/0/0/0/17, Acro-Step [RESERVED FOR MEGA]


    +Devil Bazooka+30, 41/39/0/0/40, Slow Lv3, Wild Blow
    +Canon Rouge, 42/0/37/39/0, Light Lv4, Crazy On

    Laser Cannons:

    +SoulLv3 Vthra Weapon, 37/23/0/16/0, Divine Ray
    +DrawLv3 Gallatin, 0/16/0/0/45, Divine Ray
    +Tartaros Cannon+20, 50 Hit, Ice Lv3, Divine Ray
    +Cutie Beam+10, 0/45/16/0/0, Light Lv2, Bio-Panic
    +Pinky Beam+30, 26/40/0/40/0, Heat Lv3, Bio-Panic
    +Pinky Beam+30, 0/0/0/0/34, Heat Lv3, Divine Ray
    +Pinky Beam+30, 32/0/0/30/0, Heat Lv3, Sector Line
    +Berry Ice Beam, 33/22/26/32/0, Ice Lv2, Sector Line
    +IceLv3 Vthra Weapon+35, 0/42/20/31/0, Divine Ray
    +IceLv3 Vthra Weapon, 45/20/22/0/0, Sector Line
    +RiskLv3 Vthra Weapon, 0/12/0/40/40, Divine Ray
    +SoulLv3 Gallatin+10, 45% Dark, Divine Ray
    +Pinky Beam+30, 17/35/38/0/0, Heat Lv3, Bio-Panic



    +LifeLv1 Salvador+20, 27/35/32/39/12, Rolling Bar (145% total D: ...)
    +Crescent Cast+30, 43/24/0/0/0, Draw Lv3, Beat Quake
    +Goth Parasol+20, 15/0/14/32/17, Heart Lv3, Rodeo Drive
    +Goth Parasol+20, 0/43/0/31/0, Heart Lv3, Rodeo Drive
    +Caster Broom+30, 0/27/0/0/0, Chaos Lv3 [Target+1], Rodeo Drive
    +*Caduceus+35, 0/0/34/0/0, X Lv3, Rodeo Drive
    +*Caduceus+35, 0/0/0/65/0, X Lv3, Rodeo Drive
    +MesetaLv4 Asclepios, 0/0/30/0/40, Rodeo Drive


    +HeartLv4 Diopside+25, 0/0/27/27/40, Magical Sign
    +HeartLv4 Alice Olivia+10, Magical Sign
    +Game Master+50, 0/29/0/43/0, Heat Lv3, Funny Dive
    +CONSOLES++50, 0/41/22/0/0, Ice Lv3, Magical Sign
    +InGame:Greg&Kiri+50, 0/30/0/19/0, Light Lv3, Act Trick
    +Heavy Dumbbell+30, 43/42/21/0/0, Heaven Lv1, Act Trick
    +Heavy Dumbbell+30, 43% Native, Heaven Lv1, Act Trick
    +Heavy Dumbbell+30, 43% Beast, Heaven Lv1, Act Trick
    +[Life Lv5] Zero Cane, 22% Machine, Magical Sign
    +[Ice Lv3] Zero Cane, 44 Hit, Magical Sign
    +Game Master, Heat Lv3, Funny Dive
    +CONSOLES+, 49% Native, Ice Lv3, Magical Sign
    +InGame:Greg&Kiri, Light Lv3, Act Trick
    +Nintendo Power+50, 39/0/0/0/19, Stun Lv3, Magical Sign
    +Bright Moon, Light Lv2, Funny Dive
    +[IceLv2] Zero Cane, 0/24/0/26/27, Act Trick


    +X Lv3 Eridanus+30, 22/34/0/0/0, Say Good-bye
    +Star Slicer+20, 0/0/37/44/20, Risk Lv3, Bright Sign
    +Star Slicer+20, 34/0/0/0/38, Risk Lv3, Bright Sign
    +Star Slicer, 19% Native, Risk Lv3, Bright Sign
    +LightLv3 Trois Souther, 14/15/0/0/31, Bright Sign
    +Starfish Slicer, 25% Machine, Chaos Lv3, Say Good-bye
    +Pizza+70, 36% Native, Heart Lv2, Edge Riser
    +Eaten Pizza+60, 43% Dark, Draw Lv2, Edge Riser

    ARMORS (all 4-slotted, usually max grinded):

    Kepler Suit x2 ++ [x1 RESERVED FOR MEGA]
    Mobius Plate +
    Milias Frame +
    Shinobi Suit x3 +++
    Hunter Shell +
    Octopus Suit +
    Star Cloak +
    Dymos Armor +
    Dragon Wing +
    Stage Outfit +
    Workout Wear +
    Chef Apron x2 ++
    Gardening Wear x3 +++
    Miyabi Hakama +
    Asgard Frame (3S) +
    Carabinier Armor x2 ++
    Ancient Robe x2 ++
    Carabinier Armor x2 ++
    Ancient Robe +
    Pizza Box x21 (+21)
    Gardening Wear +
    Miyabi Hakama x2 ++
    Mobius Guarder x2 ++
    Eleanor Frame x2 ++
    Chef Apron +


    Master/Swift x3 +++
    Divine/Guard x4 ++++
    Divine/Hit x4 ++++
    Divine/Mind x4 ++++
    Master/HP +
    Divine/HP x2 ++
    Master/PP +
    HP Recovery Lv4 x3 +++
    HP Recovery Lv5 x3 +++
    PP Recovery Lv3 +
    PP Recovery Lv4 +
    Heat Resist Lv5 x4 ++++
    Ice Resist Lv5 x4 ++++
    Stun Resist Lv5 x4 ++++
    Light Resist Lv5 x4 ++++
    Dark Resist Lv4 x2 ++
    Dark Resist Lv5 x4 ++++
    All Resist Lv4 x2 ++
    All Resist Lv5 x4 ++++
    Element Boost x3 +++
    Tech-Level Boost +
    Heat Protect x2 ++
    Ice Protect +
    Stun Protect x2++
    Light Protect +
    Dark Protect x3 +++
    Slow Protect x2 ++
    PA Save Lv3 x6 ++++++
    Tech Save Lv3 x3 +++
    Master/Swift +
    Element Boost x7 +++++++
    Tech-Level Boost x5 +++++
    Heat Protect +
    Ice Protect +
    Light Protect x2 ++
    Slow Protect x2 ++
    PA Save Lv3 x5 +++++
    Tech Save Lv3 x7 +++++++


    +Trifluid x999
    +Scape Doll >700

    +Celeb / Life / Jell / Zalure Elements xMANY
    +Chaos Element x10
    +Heaven Element

    +Monogrinder xMANY
    +Digrinder xMANY
    +Trigrinder xMANY
    +Photon Drops xMANY
    +HP / PP / Power / Guard / Evade / Hit / Mind / Reset Materials xMANY

    +Broken Horn {x10}
    +Draken Horn {x8}
    +Black Drill {x13}
    +White Drill {x4}
    +Garapython Fang {x273}
    +Garahadan Fang {x2}
    +Helion Mane {x15}
    +Blazing Mane {x10}
    +Rohjade Scale {x14}
    +Rohcrysta Scale {x12}
    +Phobos Shard {x54}
    +Dark Shard {x128}
    +Slimy Tentacle {x5}
    +Squirmy Tentacle {x4}
    +Black Barrel {x3}
    +White Barrel {x5}

    +Soniti Soul {x4}
    +Arkharz Soul {x6}
    +Femini Soul {x8}
    +Radam Soul {x9}

    +Puyo Soul {x4}
    +Lassi Soul {x3}
    +Toppi Soul {x4}

    (Ignore the different styles of parentheses; they mean nothing anymore.)

    +(Red) Yul, 24/0/0/0, Granir, Hungry <PARU>
    +(Red) Ingh, 0/0/0/23, Flozir, Playful {{PARU}}
    +(Blue) Yul, 24/0/0/0, Flozir, Healing {{PARU}}
    +(Blue) Yul, 25/0/0/0, Granir, Hungry {{PARU}}
    +(Blue) Aio, 0/22/0/0, Granir, Timid {{PARU}}
    +(Green) Ingh, 0/0/0/22, Granir, Playful {{PARU}}
    +(Green) Aio, 0/19/0/0, Pacifal, Healing [PARU]
    +(Purple) Yul, 22/0/0/3, Pacifal, Playful [PARU] [fed a little]
    +(Purple) Aio, 0/18/0/0, Granir, Playful <PARU>
    +(Purple) Aio, 0/17/0/0, Flozir, Hungry [[PARU]]
    +(Red) Yth, 0/0/21/0, Flozir, Healing

    +(Blue)Radam, 50 POW / 50 HIT, Granir, Ruffian
    +(Purple)Hagal, 58/21/21/0, Pacifal, Breezy
    +(Purple)Soniti, 50 POW / 50 HIT, Granir, Ruffian
    +(Blue) Radam, 100 POW, Flozir, Fickle
    +(Blue) Femini, 100 HIT, Flozir, Fickle
    +(Green) Rappy, 50 POW/50 HIT, Flozir, Breezy <RESERVED, ESMERELDA>
    +(Purple) Lassi, 100 MIND, Flozir, Fickle

    JP-Only Password Weapons:
    (Will not trade; I will allow cataloging for Weapon Collection Completion %, however.)

    +Testarossa+50, Heat Lv1, Force Ride
    +Valiant+90, Heart Lv3, Slide End
    +Hylian Shield+40, Stun Lv1, Bull Smash
    +V-Jump Shield+50, Heat Lv3, Barrier Shift
    +Power Beam+30, Soul Lv3, Thriller Combo
    +Pipe Bazooka+70, Meseta Lv2, Crush Bomb
    +Warp Pipe Bazooka+40, Celeb Lv3, Crush Bomb
    +Miku's Leek+39, Chaos Lv4, Act Trick {Yes, 39 is its max grind >_>}
    +V-Jump Slicer+50, Heat Lv3, Bright Sign

    THE NEST: 1099 Rappy Souls

    + x999 (JT1)
    + x47 (Sapphire)
    + x25 (Starscream)
    + x28 (Alice)

    [Current total: 1099]

    Hope you all enjoy what I have to offer, and remember to always have a happy, Rappy day!


    (Updating progress for August 25th Edit)

    Cart 1:

    [x] HUnewearl: Sapphire
    [x] RAcast: Starscream
    [x] FOmarl: Alice
    [x] Joint Trunk

    Cart 2:

    [x] HUcast: Circuit-Z74A
    [x] FOnewearl: Esmerelda
    [x] HUnewm: Brandon
    [x] Joint Trunk

    (Items that may be somewhere, but might also be nowhere… or rather, were on my list before, but were not verified to my in-game list anywhere. I advise not making any offers, as they may not actually exist... Abyss List will be deleted after 1 week if I cannot locate them.)

    *CelebLv4 Hadan Bite+20, 22/52/0/0/40, Bite Stamp
    Binary Saber+10, 0/26/0/35/0, HeartLv1, Million Rave
    Twin Brand+40, 0/0/28/0/0, Tornado Dance
    HeatLv3 Naglering, 0/0/0/42/0, Earth Bullet
    Riverman Missouri+45, 0/0/0/0/28, Cool Style
    Pizza+30, 11/0/38/14/0, HeartLv2, Edge Riser
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    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
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    Are you interested in this?

    CelebMehrennenka lvl3 0/22/0/0/0 Million Rave

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    I WOULD be interested... but, by the time I can trade with you, I'll be able to trade with Cookie for his/her Mehrennenka, which is a small bit better... sorry. I'm not saying I wouldn't trade for it, but yours' value to me is somewhat reduced with the other one in mind... :<
    Quote Originally Posted by Broken_L_button View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Rappy View Post
    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
    ~Keeper of 1000 Rappy Souls~
    TSV's: X - 0401, Y - 0845, AS - 1277

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    How many is too many if I want some of the Celeb elements lol...because I need some (is 10 too much assuming you have ALOT)

    And do you still have the Iros with the Bull Smash btw??

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    I have over 70, so 10 isn't much for me to give, haha... although, as stated before, I'm not going to be able to trade until I get back to San Diego anyways, so... if you want me to reserve them for you, I can, but if you won't need them by then, that's cool too. :/

    And yes, I do. The level 4 one with 45 Hit or something like that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Broken_L_button View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Rappy View Post
    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
    ~Keeper of 1000 Rappy Souls~
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    Ohh ok I can wait. I need whatever celeb elements I can get anyways lol.

    That one! I can trade a Lv. 3 Morgenlote. Not sure of the stats at the moment, but it's decent.

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    I was gonna give it to you for free before, but if you insist on giving something to me in return, that's fine too if you like, but I don't think I'll really need it, haha...

    Also, I just looked in my trunks, and I got a CRAPTON of tech disks, so I think I'm gonna have to sort out what I really want to keep before I start listing every single one... probably gonna be most of the (character) Lv20/25/30/60 techs [except for Lv1-7 Foie/Barta/Zonde/Resta/Anti discs, as they're buyable] and the lv10/15 tech discs only... but I have a feeling that it'll still be a pretty extensive list in itself... :|

    Ah well, might as well go and update the topic... my game shut off in the middle of the tower run I was on yesterday at level 70, so... eh. Might as well. All I got was a second-rate Garland Drei and a Star Slicer from a random Porell. >_>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Rappy View Post
    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
    ~Keeper of 1000 Rappy Souls~
    TSV's: X - 0401, Y - 0845, AS - 1277

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    Oh man a Rage Tonfa. I dunno if there's anything in my trade list in combination worth that, but feel free to look through there if there's anything of interest. Just tell me if there's anything of interest or not.

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    Lol ok if you say so. Yay! Iros-hunting has been such an arse to find, but it's not as bad as trying to hunt for the freaking Psycho Wand and a Clair Doubles (I think my Clair Doubles is a hacked item I got in the past and I wanted to find one with Million Rave instead of Cyclone run). Well, I dunno, hunting for those kinds of special items is just very very time consuming lol.

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    Alright, list is finally COMPLETED! Gaze in awe at how crummy this tradelist is compared to its older brother, haha... ^_^;
    Quote Originally Posted by Broken_L_button View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Rappy View Post
    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
    ~Keeper of 1000 Rappy Souls~
    TSV's: X - 0401, Y - 0845, AS - 1277

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